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The Battle For Bears Ears: Preserving a Utah Treasure

115-miles south of Moab is a land revered by gen­er­a­tions of Native Amer­i­cans, climbers, hik­ers, and adven­tur­ers. The Bears Ears are loved, but unpro­tected, and they are at a piv­otal crossroads.

  115-miles south of Moab is a land revered by gen­er­a­tions of climbers, hik­ers, and adven­tur­ers. It’s a land known as the Bears Ears, a series of buttes that con­sti­tute jeep trails, sacred arche­o­log­i­cal sites, unique sand­stone for­ma­tions, and the cher­ished climb­ing walls of Indian Creek. Not only loved by out­doors­man, the Bears Ears is also an impor­tant area to the Navajo, Ute, and Pueblo Native Amer­i­can tribes. Exca­va­tions here have revealed rock art, pot­tery, and cliff dwellings, doc­u­ment­ing over



Behind the Scenes With Black Diamond

We sat down with Black Dia­mond to get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to work for the iconic brand, what’s helped them main­tain author­ity in the indus­try, and more.

Kolin Pow­ick has been the Cat­e­gory Direc­tor at Black Dia­mond for 14 years and the Direc­tor of Qual­ity for 11. Hav­ing climbed for over a quar­ter of a cen­tury, he does every­thing from sport, trad, ice and alpine, to moun­taineer­ing, though he claims to be an expert at none of the above. We sat down with him to get a behind the scenes look at Black Dia­mond. The Clymb: What’s your favorite thing about work­ing at Black Dia­mond? Kolin Pow­ick: Being a part of a



The Ultimate DIY Camper Van

Cyrus Sut­ton, founder of Korduroy.tv, lives in a cus­tom built DIY camper van, trav­el­ing around the Amer­i­can West while surf­ing and filming.

For the past 10 years Cyrus Sut­ton, life­long surfer and founder of Korduroy.tv, has been liv­ing the van life; trav­el­ing around the Amer­i­can West surf­ing while liv­ing out of a cus­tom camper van. Recently, he upgraded his adven­ture mobile by con­vert­ing a 170″ Sprinter Van, the biggest size avail­able, into the ulti­mate DIY camper van. The van itself has solar-power, is lined with cedar wood, and has a built-in ham­mock, sink, and gas stove, to name just a few of the amenities.



8 Lost Arts of the Outdoors

Old-school tech­niques work great when high-tech equip­ment fails, but you have to have the know how.

“Do you also use a slide rule?” a friend asked me as I got my course plot­ter out to plan our cross­ing between islands. He stopped laugh­ing because his GPS couldn’t get a sig­nal and the fog was mov­ing in. Come to think of it, I did once have a chem­istry teacher who made us learn how to use a slide rule. Old-school tech­niques work great when high-tech equip­ment fails, but you must have the know how. Here are the eight


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The Outdoors and Sustainability: How to Buy Green Gear

Pur­chas­ing respon­si­bly, leav­ing less of an envi­ron­men­tal foot­print, and pro­mot­ing sus­tain­abil­ity are all hard things to do in today’s out­door indus­try, here’s how you can help.

For out­door lovers, pur­chas­ing gear can be a tricky and even eth­i­cal dilemma. You want it, you might even need it, but you’re also aware enough to know that all gear comes with an envi­ron­men­tal price tag. So how can you pur­chase respon­si­bly, leave less of an envi­ron­men­tal foot­print, pro­mote sus­tain­abil­ity, and still get the qual­ity items you need? Read on to explore your options. Items Made from Recy­cled Mate­ri­als More and more out­door brands are using every­thing from plas­tic water-bottles to


Altra Product Testimonial: The Ultimate PCT Shoe

The PCT is no easy under­tak­ing and often times the biggest prob­lems peo­ple face on the trail revolve around footwear, friend of the Clymb, Dean P. gives some insight into how his Altras helped him on his way.

“The Pacific Crest Trail is not a triv­ial under­tak­ing. Walk­ing 2650 miles at 20+ miles per day for 148 days takes a toll on your body, espe­cially when your body is 64 years old. When I set out on the PCT, I knew it would be tough, but I learned quickly that the first thing that will take most peo­ple off the trail early is feet prob­lems. I started my hike in a pair of softer trail shoes think­ing the extra cush­ion would give


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