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Grizzlies Gone Viral: Watch a LIVE Feed of Wild Alaskan Bears

Here’s a front row seat.

Brooks Falls in Alaska’s Kat­mai National Park is one of the best places in the world to watch wild griz­zlies. Now, thanks to, you can now do it from the com­fort of home. They’ve set up remote-control cam­eras to cap­ture one of North America’s great­est wildlife spec­ta­cles. Each year, up to 100 griz­zlies gather at Brooks Falls to feast on Sock­eye Salmon. Keep the feed open all day. It takes patience or luck to watch one nab a leap­ing salmon.    



How to Prevent 10 Common Hiking Injuries

Don’t fall vic­tim to these com­mon pitfalls.

To prop­erly intro­duce some­one to the out­doors you must make their expe­ri­ence as pos­i­tive as pos­si­ble. And while pre­cau­tion is the best treat­ment for com­mon hik­ing injuries, some­times a blis­ter or twisted ankle is inevitable. And when you bust out that first aid kit to resolve any dis­com­forts, the most impor­tant thing you can pack with you is the knowl­edge of how to use your sup­plies and prop­erly alle­vi­ate any ail­ments you may encounter. So here’s what you need to


Gear Love

MSR Quick Solo: One Pot to Rule Them All

The do-everything pot.

If you need one pot for back­pack­ing, car camp­ing, and even in home use, then take a closer look at the Quick Solo Pot from MSR. The 1.3-liter pot can cook up a tasty din­ner for one per­son no prob­lem. The large sur­face area on the base gath­ers heat for speedy cook times, and the vented lid allows steam to escape while keep­ing the water at a roil­ing boil. What makes the Quick Solo Pot ideal is its light­weight, com­pact shape


180 South Tents – A Clymb Exclusive

Two Clymb employ­ees put 180 South tents to the test at the Deschutes River.

I pitched the Juniper 2 in a juniper grove entirely by acci­dent. Myself, and a buyer at The Clymb, Brett Cas­sidy, were camp­ing at the Deschutes River and we had the good for­tune to give these new 180 South tents that are exclu­sive to The Clymb a trial run. The world-famous salmonfly hatch was on, and a cur­sory glance at the river­bank grass revealed these thumb-sized bugs in abun­dance. I was anx­ious to wet my line, so I jumped out of



Meet Bond Girl and Fearless Adventurer Rachel Grant

Her life is even more adven­tur­ous off-screen.

Bond girl and adven­turer Rachel Grant is no stranger to dan­ger. In fact, she thrives on it. Grant has trav­eled to almost 70 coun­tries and done every­thing from hik­ing active vol­ca­noes to div­ing with sharks. She is also a cav­ing expert and in 2012 led a team down to a cave and under­ground river in the Philip­pines that had never been entered. Grant has much to say about her love of extreme sports and about acting—and how and where her two


Out There

7 Influential Naturalists You Need to Know

One of them was drink­ing bud­dies with nov­el­ist John Steinbeck.

Everyone’s heard of Muir, Dar­win, Cousteau, and Audubon. They’re rightly famous for rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing our under­stand­ing of the nat­ural world and bring­ing it into our daily lives. But here are some other nat­u­ral­ists who are also impor­tant, but their achieve­ments are much more obscure. Alexan­der Von Hum­boldt The Hum­boldt Pen­guin, the Pacific’s Hum­boldt Cur­rent, and a region of California’s north coast are named after him, but we still sell this 1800s-era Pruss­ian noble­man short. He sailed with a Span­ish expe­di­tion to south and


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