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Discover California’s Central Coast: Hit the Trail

We’re partnering with SLO CAL to bring you insider knowledge on the place you’ve been too busy to see, San Luis Obispo County. This off-the-beaten-path adventure is just waiting to be discovered.

    San Luis Obispo’s (SLO CAL) stunning scenery is best taken in slowly. Whether you prefer to take in the sights on foot or in the saddle, SLO has no shortage of opportunities for every experience level.   SLO’s abundant hiking trails provide endless opportunity for experiencing the landscape up close. The rolling hills are a vibrant green in spring, and turn to gold in the summer. A chain of volcanic peaks, known as the 9 sisters, transect SLO’s



10 Questions with Base Jumper and Stunt Woman Roberta Mancino

“BASE jumping is the most dangerous because you are jumping close to a wall. If you fly too close to the terrain or next to a cliff you can have turbulence and that can badly affect your flight.”

Italian-born Roberta Mancino might be better know for her skydiving stunts, but she’s also an experienced base jumper. And while she doesn’t like to talk much about it, she was also named one of the sexiest athletes in the world by Men’s Fitness. THE CLYMB: Were you active as a child? Did you like extreme sports/adventures? ROBERTA MANCINO: Yes I was very active and practiced sports all my life. And I loved adventures movies and books. THE CLYMB: Which one



Out in the Sierra With Kalen Thorien

Would you leave behind the comforts of everyday life for an extended sojourn in the backcountry of the high Sierra?

What would 270 miles of solo travel do for you? Kalen Thorien, professional skier and adventurer extraordinaire, finds a new kind of confidence while discovering what it feels like to be truly wild and free on a 18-day, self-supported traverse through the Sierra Nevadas. Following her highs and lows from a first-person perspective, Out in the Sierra documents all the emotions that come with the physical exertion and trials and tribulations of life on the trail.



Ski Area Opening Dates You Don’t Want to Miss

If the thought of fresh snow falling on the mountain doesn’t excite you, then this winter could be a long one.

If the thought of fresh snow falling on the mountain doesn’t excite you, then this winter could be a long one. For the rest of the cold-blooded powder hounds out there, the first signs of snow mean only one thing: that Opening Day isn’t far away. Whether you’re downhill appetite consists of a full plate of Breckenridge and Vail, or perhaps a heaping serving of Park City or Mammoth Mountain further West, wherever you like to ride, there’s no denying


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How to Pick the Perfect Rain Jacket

Whether you plan on hiking, climbing, or cruising around the city, here’s what you need to take into account before buying a rain jacket.

A lot more should go into selecting the perfect raincoat than you might think. Whether you plan on hiking, climbing or cruising around the city, here’s what you need to take into account before throwing down your hard earned cash on this important purchase. Versatility Nobody likes a one-trick pony, so choose a raincoat that can be your go-to for most of your excursions to maximize value. Consider the likely conditions in which you expect your raincoat to perform. If


How To Sharpen Your Crampons

Life on the sharp end.

Whether you’re a mountaineer who treks across rock, snow, and ice, or a mixed climber who traverses all manner of abrasive terrain—know that every time you use your crampons, you’re dulling their grip. Here’s how to sharpen and maintain them to optimize safety and longevity. First, Dial In Your Work Area When working with any manner of tools and technical gear, it’s worth taking the time to set up a work area that’s safe, comfortable, and well lit. Because sharpening creates metal


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