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7 Outdoor Films You Might Have Missed in 2015

A list of our favorite out­door films released in 2015, from alpine climb­ing to urban skating.

Every year the out­door indus­try releases a hand­ful of adven­ture films, most years there are a few good films, but every once in a while you’ll get a year where it’s too hard to pick favorites, this was one of those years. In honor of all the out­door films we loved in 2015, we put together a list of some of our favorites, show­cas­ing an array of out­door sports, from alpine climb­ing, to urban skat­ing, to Hol­ly­wood, these are some must see films. 1) Meru Meru most



10 Questions with Sierra Quitiquit, World Freeskier & Model

We sat down with Sierra Qui­tiq­uit, For­mer Freeski­ing World Tour Com­peti­tor, to talk about her career as a model and skier.

Sierra Qui­tiq­uit is a pro skier who also hap­pens to be a model. She even made it into  “America’s Next Top Model,” although she left the show early on because the lifestyle didn’t appeal to her. Since then, she has landed con­tracts with some of the biggest apparel brands out there, includ­ing Amer­i­can Eagle and Nike. We talked to Qui­tiq­uit to get a first hand account of what it’s like to bal­ance these two worlds. THE CLYMB: You’ve par­tic­i­pated in sev­eral films. Can



Surfing In Oregon: El Niño

Surfers in the Pacific North­west head out to the mas­sive off­shore break, Nelscott Reef, for some huge waves.

While most peo­ple are spend­ing their win­ters cozied up inside wait­ing for the world to thaw, surfers in the Pacific North­west are head­ing out to Nelscott Reef, an off­shore break in Ore­gon so mas­sive peo­ple jour­ney around the globe to surf it.



7 Strange Outdoor Things to Do This Winter in The Northwest

We put together some fun and unusual activ­i­ties to keep your win­ter exciting.

Here are seven unusual things you can do this win­ter to embrace the Northwest’s most maligned sea­son. How unusual they are, of course, depends on how unusual you are already. Vary the Ski Rou­tine Let’s face it, while many of us wait around for the win­ters to be over, a lot of us are secretly hop­ing they never end.  While it lasts, we rec­om­mend mix­ing up your ski rou­tine. Are you a die-hard down­hiller? Quit rid­ing the lifts and try back­coun­try free-heel tour­ing. A


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Merrell: The Ultimate Trail Running Outfit

The gear you need to run wild.

Here at Clymb HQ we’re lucky to have For­est Park in our back­yard. Hit­ting the trails on a lunchtime run just plain feels good, but the best part about our job is get­ting to sell the gear we’re most pas­sion­ate about. Mer­rell trail gear is very high on that list. We’ve sam­pled nearly every­thing they’ve made, and here are a few of our favorites. Happy trails! All­out Charge Trail Run­ning Shoes  The mesh uppers on these bad boys are truly the best —


MSR Quick Solo: One Pot to Rule Them All

The do-everything pot.

If you need one pot for back­pack­ing, car camp­ing, and even in home use, then take a closer look at the Quick Solo Pot from MSR. The 1.3-liter pot can cook up a tasty din­ner for one per­son no prob­lem. The large sur­face area on the base gath­ers heat for speedy cook times, and the vented lid allows steam to escape while keep­ing the water at a roil­ing boil. What makes the Quick Solo Pot ideal is its light­weight, com­pact shape


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