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Skiing in Uzbekistan is Pretty Awesome

Do the dance par­ties on the plane and vodka-fuelled gam­bling ses­sions come with the ski territory?

Uzbek­istan might not be on the inter­na­tional freeski scene yet, but after watch­ing this video, that could very well change. A group of Ger­man skiers, the White­Hearts, stum­bled upon this Cen­tral Asian coun­try, eager to dis­cover what lay ahead. Skis in hand, bizarre fly­ing con­trap­tion on reserve (is it a heli­copter? A char­ter plane? Who knows!) and go-go dancer in tow, the crew set out to explore the Tien Shan mountains—and what they found was spec­tac­u­lar. The exquis­ite back coun­try features



6 Yoga Terms, Decoded

You want me to melt? And fold?

“Now melt your heart toward the ground,” instructs your yoga teacher as you bow sto­ically into a down­ward fac­ing dog. Melt your heart? What does that even mean? The world of yoga can some­times seem like it’s taught in a secret lan­guage. Of course, the San­skrit words are usu­ally unfa­mil­iar, unless you hap­pen to be flu­ent in Sanskrit—but even words and terms in plain Eng­lish can be con­fus­ing. Here’s a guide to some of the most com­mon yoga lingo, and what


Gear Love

SPY Discord: Back To The Future

Take a look into the 80s.

In the 80s hair bands topped the charts, neon cloth­ing shocked the streets, and a Hol­ly­wood actor lived in the White House. It was a bold time in Amer­i­can life, a time when things got big, bright, and bois­ter­ous. The Spy Dis­cord not only pays the 80s homage, but they belong on the shelf at a Wool­worths. The burly plas­tic frames are like your favorite pair of gas sta­tion shades. Throw them in your week­end duf­fel with­out a case, no problem.


Mini-Duffaluffagus: Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Your search for a clas­sic week­end bag is over.

You need a bag; we all need a bag, a lot like the Mini-Duffaluffagus from Poler. Many week­end bags can han­dle 22-liters or more, but size, as you know, mat­ters. The beauty here resides in cal­cu­lated lim­i­ta­tions. With it, you can bring enough and never too much. And you can do it with Poler’s trade­mark style. The leather pull tabs are embossed with the Camp Vibes motto. The 1000D Cam­p­dura body fab­ric is tough enough to get tossed into the



Interview with Pro Big Mountain Skier Turned Pro Snowmobiler, Nadia Samer

“…she hitch­hiked from Whistler to Van­cou­ver for her first ACL surgery and returned on the bus, all at the age of 14.”

  Grow­ing up on Van­cou­ver Island and fre­quent­ing ski resorts at any early age, Nadia Samer had a child­hood that would make many skiers envi­ous. But she also grew up tough, assert­ing her inde­pen­dence early. For exam­ple, she hitch­hiked from Whistler to Van­cou­ver for her first ACL surgery and returned on the bus, all at the age of 14. Now 25 years old and 11 knee surg­eries later, Samer is in a com­fort­able niche of sled-assisted big moun­tain ski­ing and


Out There

6 Reasons to Check Out British Columbia’s West Coast Trail

47 miles of bliss, pain, then more bliss.

There are hikes, and then there are hikes. You know, the once-in-a-lifetime treks that are equally chal­leng­ing as they are inspir­ing; the ones that you’ll remem­ber for years to come; the ones that will ignite an instant con­nec­tion when you’ve met another per­son who has done the same trek. The West Coast Trail is one of those hikes. Located on the West Coast of British Columbia’s Van­cou­ver Island, the “WCT” requires seri­ous plan­ning and prepa­ra­tion. In return for your hard work,


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