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A Glorious Underwater Surf Odyssey

The ocean will never look the same again.

Many have dreamed of liv­ing the aquatic life, but no one has ever cap­tured it quite like Mor­gan Maassen has in his truly epic short, Water. This film takes us across the brine divider that sep­a­rates us from the major­ity of earth. Once beneath the sur­face, we see the oth­er­worldly beauty of waves explod­ing in thun­der­clouds. We see surfers launch them­selves like tor­pe­does upon the chaos. We see swim­mers fly under­wa­ter through the light-shifting liq­uid. And the result of it



6 Yoga Terms, Decoded

You want me to melt? And fold?

“Now melt your heart toward the ground,” instructs your yoga teacher as you bow sto­ically into a down­ward fac­ing dog. Melt your heart? What does that even mean? The world of yoga can some­times seem like it’s taught in a secret lan­guage. Of course, the San­skrit words are usu­ally unfa­mil­iar, unless you hap­pen to be flu­ent in Sanskrit—but even words and terms in plain Eng­lish can be con­fus­ing. Here’s a guide to some of the most com­mon yoga lingo, and what


Gear Love

Mini-Duffaluffagus: Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Your search for a clas­sic week­end bag is over.

You need a bag; we all need a bag, a lot like the Mini-Duffaluffagus from Poler. Many week­end bags can han­dle 22-liters or more, but size, as you know, mat­ters. The beauty here resides in cal­cu­lated lim­i­ta­tions. With it, you can bring enough and never too much. And you can do it with Poler’s trade­mark style. The leather pull tabs are embossed with the Camp Vibes motto. The 1000D Cam­p­dura body fab­ric is tough enough to get tossed into the


ExOfficio Give-N-Go

How fresh is the pair you’re wearing?

You’ve got rad sum­mit shots on Face­book. You’ve lived out of your car at Indian Creek for at least a week. And when any­one brings up Thai­land, you drop the beta on the coun­try to which  you’re itch­ing to go back. You’re a dirt­bag climber liv­ing the dream. But you’ve got another, less appeal­ing rep­u­ta­tion, too. Every­one assumes you change your under­wear less than twice a week. The Give-N-Go is for you. One pair is like a drawer filled of those



Interview with Free Ski Coach, Derek Foose: Living the winter dream

Few work­ing skiers have it this good.

There are few work­ing skiers who can say they have a gig as good as Derek Foose. Liv­ing in Whistler, British Colum­bia, he splits his win­ter time between coach­ing steeps clin­ics for the high-end ski pro­gram Extremely Cana­dian and lead­ing the next gen­er­a­tion of pro skiers around the moun­tain with the Whistler Freeride Club. Hav­ing come a long way from his roots of ski­ing at Edmonton’s Rab­bit Hill, Foose now spends every work day in tech­ni­cal ter­rain and if conditions


Out There

10 Great Pinterest Quotes for Ultra Runners

“I never ran a thou­sand miles. I could never do that. I ran one mile a thousand times.”

Here are our top ten favorite Pin­ter­est quotes for ultra run­ners. The quotes tend to be obscure, strange, hard­core, or some com­bi­na­tion of the above—much like those of us who are attracted to this often pecu­liar, always gru­el­ing sport.  “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” We’re all afraid at some point of the enor­mity of the goals we’ve set—some of us more often than others—but that’s part of the thrill.  “I’m not train­ing to be skinny. I’m train­ing to


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