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Alex Honnold: The Life Of A Real Rock Star

Learn how Alex Hon­nold does it.

Alex Hon­nold is a rock star worth admir­ing. This video pro­vides an inspi­ra­tional glimpse into how the young climber leads his life, which the pub­lic is grow­ing more and more inter­ested in year after year. His ascen­dency into main­stream cul­ture began with the Larry King inter­view on 60 Min­utes in 2011. At the time, his most recent accom­plish­ment was free climb­ing the sheer face of Sen­tinel in Yosemite National Park. The footage made the nation’s palms sweat, and when con­fronted with



6 Tips for Your First Whitewater Rafting Trip

White­wa­ter raft­ing 101: Some things to think about before your first trip

If you like the idea of pad­dling furi­ously at the com­mand of your guide, brac­ing for rapids, and rid­ing wave trains, white­wa­ter raft­ing might be for you.  This exhil­a­rat­ing sum­mer activ­ity is a great way for every­one from adren­a­line junkies to vaca­tion­ing fam­i­lies alike to expe­ri­ence the rush Mother Nature has to offer. But that first trip out on the river can be an intim­i­dat­ing expe­ri­ence.  From choos­ing the right guides to choos­ing the right gear, here are 6 tips for


Gear Love

180 South Tents – A Clymb Exclusive

Two Clymb employ­ees put 180 South tents to the test at the Deschutes River.

I pitched the Juniper 2 in a juniper grove entirely by acci­dent. Myself, and a buyer at The Clymb, Brett Cas­sidy, were camp­ing at the Deschutes River and we had the good for­tune to give these new 180 South tents that are exclu­sive to The Clymb a trial run. The world-famous salmonfly hatch was on, and a cur­sory glance at the river­bank grass revealed these thumb-sized bugs in abun­dance. I was anx­ious to wet my line, so I jumped out of


New Balance: Smokin’ Fast Track Shoes

Time to beat the clock.

You run the roads, map your routes, and now you want to take the strength you’ve built and apply it to the track — then here’s the shoe for you. This new rac­ing flat from New Bal­ance is what you need to beat the clock. Its light­weight, low-profile design will make it feel like smoke is fly­ing off your heels. Yet these are not Michael Johnson’s golden shoes. They won’t dis­in­te­grate after a few laps. They find the bal­ance between



Interview with Norm Hann: SUP guide and defender of the Great Bear Rainforest

A Cana­dian pad­dling leg­end fights the good fight

Stand-up pad­dle­board­ing (SUP) is typ­i­cally viewed as a leisurely activ­ity where peo­ple gen­tly mean­der across lakes on mod­i­fied surf­boards, but one Cana­dian has thrown that per­cep­tion to the wind. 44-year-old Norm Hann of Squamish, British Colum­bia, has pad­dled the waters of coastal B.C. for over 15 years, includ­ing the oil tanker routes asso­ci­ated with the pro­posed North­ern Gate­way Pipeline fea­tured in the 2013 doc­u­men­tary STAND. He also guides SUP expe­di­tions around North Amer­ica and teaches pad­dle surf courses.  THE CLYMB: You had a


Out There

5 Infamous Guys Who Disappeared Into The Wilderness

Did these out­laws, poets, and mis­cre­ants live or die?

We’ve all had the itch of a wild hair to dis­ap­pear. Toss your unpaid park­ing tick­ets to the wind and ditch town. Most peo­ple never attempt it. Some have died try­ing, and a few have actu­ally pulled it off — or so we think. Here’s a run­down of the top five who have truly dis­ap­peared into the wilder­ness.  D.B. Cooper – Plane Hijacker Who Dis­ap­peared in the Cas­cade RangeIn 1971, a man in Port­land, Ore­gon, known as D.B. Cooper boarded a Boeing


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