6 of the Coolest Characters You’ll Meet Outdoors

If you spend enough time in the great out­doors, you’re sure to meet a few char­ac­ters. Out­doors­men and women are tough, funny, rugged, sexy, and excit­ing. More­over, they each have their own indi­vid­ual fla­vor. Hang out with this mot­ley crew and you’re likely to become an out­door char­ac­ter yourself.

vg1. The “Imma Carry a Brick Up This Moun­tain” Guy
When scal­ing moun­tains, there always seems to be that guy who has the urge to carry some­thing ridicu­lously heavy to the sum­mit. For exam­ple, a 30lb cin­der block, a keg of beer ( be sure to make friends with this guy), or a corn-hole set to play at the top. These tough as nails, though per­haps some­what insane, char­ac­ters aren’t hav­ing any fun at all unless they’re test­ing their met­tle, drink­ing, and mak­ing merry in the out­doors. Even if it means turn­ing them­selves into pack mules to do it.

of2. The Ulti­mate Out­doorsy Fam­ily of Badasses
We often think that get­ting mar­ried and hav­ing a fam­ily resigns peo­ple to ulti­mate lame­ness. You’ll think twice when you meet Mom on her snow­board teach­ing a 4 year-old about her toe edge and Dad tak­ing some sweet runs with a tod­dler on his back. So the next time you go hatin’ on the fam­ily life, remem­ber that there are both men and women out there run­ning up moun­tains with 2–3 chil­dren dan­gling from their bod­ies, strapped on by var­i­ous cara­bin­ers and daisy chains. No joke.

hp3. The “Paint With All The Col­ors of the Wind” Hot, Hip­pie, Chick
She’s tan, toned, pickin’ flow­ers, and ready to tell you all about Leave No Trace. Hot hip­pie chicks abound in the out­doors (The author of this post just hap­pens to be one of them…wink, wink)  and these gals will go fishin’ with you, hike a trail, hunt for mush­rooms, and leave you with a deep sense of appre­ci­a­tion for the wilderness.

bf4. Bare­foot Trail Run­ning Dude
So, appar­ently bare­foot trail run­ning is a thing now. It’s not everyone’s “thing”, but it’s a thing nonethe­less. And, even though peo­ple hate on it quite a bit, we must admit that these char­ac­ters are pretty cool cats. They feel more con­nected to the earth by pass­ing on the kicks and believe in “low-impact” out­doors­ing. To that we say, “Run, strange shoe­less dude! Run!”

oc5. Shot­gun in Your Face Old Codger
Every now and again you’ll stum­ble onto pri­vate prop­erty and wind up with a shot­gun in your face. At the end of the bar­rel will most likely be an old codger just tryin’ to pro­tect his ter­ri­tory from tres­passers. If you apol­o­gize real nice, he might just invite you to his home for some cof­fee and tell you about his time in the war. Take him up on it. Old codgers are pretty cool.


oc6. The “She’s So Knowl­edge­able about the Out­doors It Puts Me to Shame” Gal
Her knife is prob­a­bly bet­ter than yours (assum­ing you have a knife), she knows how to use it, and she can also tell you how to nav­i­gate any sur­vival sit­u­a­tion. Her favorite pair of shoes are water­proofed, steel toed hik­ing boots, and her evening attire con­sists of trail pants and a back­coun­try pack.