6 of the Coolest Characters You’ll Meet Outdoors

If you spend enough time in the great outdoors, you’re sure to meet a few characters. Outdoorsmen and women are tough, funny, rugged, sexy, and exciting. Moreover, they each have their own individual flavor. Hang out with this motley crew and you’re likely to become an outdoor character yourself.

vg1. The “Imma Carry a Brick Up This Mountain” Guy
When scaling mountains, there always seems to be that guy who has the urge to carry something ridiculously heavy to the summit. For example, a 30lb cinder block, a keg of beer ( be sure to make friends with this guy), or a corn-hole set to play at the top. These tough as nails, though perhaps somewhat insane, characters aren’t having any fun at all unless they’re testing their mettle, drinking, and making merry in the outdoors. Even if it means turning themselves into pack mules to do it.

of2. The Ultimate Outdoorsy Family of Badasses
We often think that getting married and having a family resigns people to ultimate lameness. You’ll think twice when you meet Mom on her snowboard teaching a 4 year-old about her toe edge and Dad taking some sweet runs with a toddler on his back. So the next time you go hatin’ on the family life, remember that there are both men and women out there running up mountains with 2-3 children dangling from their bodies, strapped on by various carabiners and daisy chains. No joke.

hp3. The “Paint With All The Colors of the Wind” Hot, Hippie, Chick
She’s tan, toned, pickin’ flowers, and ready to tell you all about Leave No Trace. Hot hippie chicks abound in the outdoors (The author of this post just happens to be one of them…wink, wink)  and these gals will go fishin’ with you, hike a trail, hunt for mushrooms, and leave you with a deep sense of appreciation for the wilderness.

bf4. Barefoot Trail Running Dude
So, apparently barefoot trail running is a thing now. It’s not everyone’s “thing”, but it’s a thing nonetheless. And, even though people hate on it quite a bit, we must admit that these characters are pretty cool cats. They feel more connected to the earth by passing on the kicks and believe in “low-impact” outdoorsing. To that we say, “Run, strange shoeless dude! Run!”

oc5. Shotgun in Your Face Old Codger
Every now and again you’ll stumble onto private property and wind up with a shotgun in your face. At the end of the barrel will most likely be an old codger just tryin’ to protect his territory from trespassers. If you apologize real nice, he might just invite you to his home for some coffee and tell you about his time in the war. Take him up on it. Old codgers are pretty cool.


oc6. The “She’s So Knowledgeable about the Outdoors It Puts Me to Shame” Gal
Her knife is probably better than yours (assuming you have a knife), she knows how to use it, and she can also tell you how to navigate any survival situation. Her favorite pair of shoes are waterproofed, steel toed hiking boots, and her evening attire consists of trail pants and a backcountry pack.