The Clymb Women of Mount Rainier: Katie

On August 18, 2013 I set out to climb Mount Rainier with five other women who work at The Clymb. Our mission was philanthropic, part of Big City Mountaineers’ Summit For Someone program, in which individuals ascend challenging mountains as a way to raise money to get under-resourced youth outdoors.

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We put in the sweat on the mountain but now we need your help to reach our fundraising goal of $27,000. Shop any of the outfits we recommend in the What We Wear sale and The Clymb will donate a portion of the proceeds to our cause.

Check out my selections below then read on to learn a little more about me and see some images from our climb!

NEMO meta tent

When I’m in charge of hiking with the tent, it has to be light! This one is also easy enough to set up on my own. 

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Stanley mug

Sometimes, basic is better. This is a no-nonsense coffee mug that fits in my cup holder and keeps my mate latte warm for hours. 

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Lucy pants

These pants are THE best for brunch… I mean yoga. These pants are the best for yoga. 

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EG2.5s goggles

I love oversized goggles! Unlike other brands, the EG 2.5s aren’t overwhelmingly large on a female’s face and provide crazy-good peripheral vision. 

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Carhartt beanie

This beanie looks like you stole it out of your boyfriend’s closet, if your boyfriend was a sexy bearded lumberjack. 

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Easy daypack

I get asked if my backpack is a vintage find almost every time I use it. The material feels amazingly durable, the zipper pulls are genuine leather, and a laptop sleeve keeps my Macbook safe while I ride to work.

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Scott puffy vest

Perfect midlayer, or aprés layer, or whatever layer.

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Woolrich blanket

After a long day of skiing, all I need is a hot chocolate. A hot chocolate, and this blanket. That’s all I need. 

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Braven speakers

Waterproof, shock resistant, and Bluetooth-compatible. Because sometimes you need to bump some Beyoncé while mountain biking. Or is that just me? 

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My favorite summit snack
Oreos & peanut butter, Parent Trap style. 

The outdoor sport that best defines me

My most memorable outdoor experience
Hiking in to Muir Camp, when it finally hit me that we safely summited Mt. Rainier. I was more nervous for the hike back down, so being able to relax and reflect on what we’d accomplished was a touching moment for me. 

One piece of gear I can’t live without
Waterproof shell jacket

My style in three words
Comfortable, Wintery, Feminine 

The first song on my adventure playlist
Show Me Love by Robyn

What inspired me to Summit for Someone
I’m not known as much of a risk-taker in my group of friends. This climb provided both a platform to fundraise for a great cause and an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone.