Sean Cohmer: Winner of $1,000 Clymb Credit

Sean-Cohmer-featuredCongrats to member Sean Cohmer, who won $1,000 in Clymb credit for inviting 10 friends to join in July. Thanks for telling your friends about us Sean!

Here’s a little bit about our winner:

The Clymb: What’s on your bucket list?

Sean Cohmer: I have had a pretty adventurous youth so far. In my 20s I spent much of my time in the Army running, rucking, and jumping from airplanes. When I received the email that I had won The Clymb’s contest I was traveling in Europe for business. I would love to go back and spend a summer backpacking in Europe, also at some point I want to travel to Ireland.

The Clymb: It’s the zombie apocalypse. You get to choose one person to join your fight for survival. Who do you bring and why?

a.) Mountaineer

b.) Paddler

c.) Climber

d.) Yoga master

e.) Cyclist

Sean Cohmer: [Chooses “Mountaineer”] I like to say that the most important thing to remember in a zombie apocalypse is to keep a buffer between you and the zombies, and always have an exit strategy. Mountaineers seem to have a sensibility and resourcefulness about them that reminds me of the traditional renaissance man. Not to mention, I have a few friends in the Phoenix area that do this for fun, and they also happen to be people I have beers and share jokes with.

The Clymb: Who is the most important adventurer of all time? 

Sean Cohmer: I have to give a shout out to my friend Amy Teitel, a space flight historian, when I say: The most important adventurer of all time is Neil Armstrong. Though, Jeb Corliss comes in close second, I’m jealous of all the fun he gets to have with wing suits.

The Clymb: What inspires you to get outside? 

Sean Cohmer: I guess my upbringing inspires me most. From camping, to fishing, to getting out in the ocean, something about nature just brings the difficulties and stresses of everyday life to a grinding halt.

The Clymb: How did you discover The Clymb?

Sean Cohmer: My friend Mark Craft referred me to the website. The first day, I bought a pannier kit for my bicycle and he received a $25 kickback. Anyway, usually this pannier kit would cost $140+, but I found it for $35. Whenever I shop for outdoor gear, I look on The Clymb first.

The Clymb: What’s your favorite thing about The Clymb?

Sean Cohmer: My favorite thing about The Clymb is that it provides inexpensive, yet high-quality, outdoor gear.

The Clymb: How are you gonna spend all that Clymb cash?

Sean Cohmer: I’ve been making excuses about buying camping gear for some time. This cash takes away all excuses. A close friend and I will be taking some R&R time up to Northern Arizona in the coming weeks.