Still High On My First Half Marathon

Celebrating with FUN. after 13.1

I am not a “runner.” I have never claimed to be. I dread the side pains, shin splints, and shortness of breath that come from pounding the pavement mile after mile after mile. But for some reason that I have yet to figure out, I signed up for a half-marathon.

As I’ve grown older, an increasing number of my friends have become addicted to something they like to refer to as a runner’s high. After years of doing my best to ignore their constant chatter about it, I finally broke down and asked myself, What do you have to lose? Then I read about the Seawheeze lululemon Half Marathon and figured that if I was ever going to run 13.1 miles in one fell swoop, I might as well couple it with a vacation to make it worth the pain.

This year’s Seawheeze was the first in what will be an annual half marathon held in Vancouver, British Columbia. The event is part of lululemon’s mission to celebrate their hometown in “the sweatiest, most awesome way possible—13.1 miles of beaches, mountain views, and more.” Gorgeous scenery, yoga, waffle brunches, and a getaway to Canada—what more could a gal ask for? I convinced my boyfriend and five coworkers to join me on what I promised would be a weekend full of fun and FUN.—with a quick workout thrown in.

Representing The Clymb with finisher’s medals

Our Seawheeze weekend was better than we could have imagined. Despite the lack of sufficient training for some of us, we all finished with a time that we are proud of. The course was beautiful—winding through downtown Vancouver, and along the seawall that borders Stanley Park. The cheer squads rivaled those found at the World Cup, the aid station logistics were smooth, and the post-race brunch was delectable. Despite my exhaustion, I managed to cross the finish line to a group hug with my coworkers.

A special thanks to Saucony for the great running gear!

After our brief celebration, I slumped to the ground. Around me, some 7,000 participants waved their hands to upbeat music in celebration of completing the run. Beyond, the ocean stretched sparkling and gigantic into the distance, the salty breeze garnishing my sweat-coated lips and making my personal victory taste that much more vivid. My legs were too sore to move, but my heart and mind were full of happiness and accomplishment. I’m happy to say that at that moment, I experienced my first runner’s high. And I’m addicted.


All of us on the Clymb team want to offer a huge thanks to Saucony for outfitting us for the Seawheeze! Gear up for your own challenge with Saucony here.