180 South Tents – A Clymb Exclusive

I pitched the Juniper 2 in a juniper grove entirely by accident. Myself, and a buyer at The Clymb, Brett Cassidy, were camping at the Deschutes River and we had the good fortune to give these new 180 South tents that are exclusive to The Clymb a trial run.

front-Ponderosa_4_One_3-sourceThe world-famous salmonfly hatch was on, and a cursory glance at the riverbank grass revealed these thumb-sized bugs in abundance. I was anxious to wet my line, so I jumped out of the car, assembled my rod, and hit the river pushing the chores of setting up camp until later.

On the river, I caught fish, lost fish, and had one behemoth strike from beneath a log that I’ll never forget. When I walked back the trail toward camp the sun had set behind the canyon rim. It wasn’t fully dark yet but I could see an LED lantern glowing from inside the Ponderosa 4. Brett was inside chilling in a camp chair reading Blood Meridian with his massive Swiss Mountain Dog, Bazzers, looking out the mesh window with his huge gargoyle head.

Brett set up the Ponderosa 4 by himself. He didn’t have the rain fly covering the tent since there were only stars and no clouds in the sky above. I grabbed a chair and sat in the tent and told Brett stories of all the fish that I did and did not catch. Inside, the Ponderosa felt like an outdoor living room. A cool juniper-scented breeze blew through the four oversized mesh windows on the tent’s sidewalls. The interior was roomy, even with Brett and I sitting in camp chairs alongside the largest puppy you’ve ever seen sprawled out on his dog bed. We cracked a beer and drank it before I headed out to set up the Juniper 2.

I searched about in the dark for a place to pitch the Juniper 2 and found a flat spot beside the river in a juniper grove. The moon had risen over the canyon wall and I opted to attempt a moonlit setup to avoid getting divebombed in the face by bugs if I turned on my headlamp. The first thing that made the setup easy was that the entire frame of the tent is essentially one long connected pole. So even though it was my first time, and it was in the dark, I had no problem figuring out how to set it up. The frame’s construction is a simple, efficient, no frills design that seems like will withstand years of hard use.

Overall, we were really impressed with the 180 South tents. I’d highly recommend the Ponderosa 4 as a basecamp tent and the Juniper 2 as a backpacking tent. Each one was easy to setup and had dimensions perfectly suited to their intended use.