Vanguard 580 Spotting Scope: See Your World Anew

Vanguard High PlainsThe 580 Scope Kit from Van­guard improves your per­spec­tive of the nat­ural world with 20x60 mag­ni­fi­ca­tion power. When you take that trip to Yel­low­stone you’ll be able to spot the wolves weav­ing between the tim­ber in pur­suit of elk. The razor sharp images will help you iden­tify the minute field mark­ings that help you deter­mine what species of bird is flit­ting among the branches. But what sets this Van­guard scope apart from all the oth­ers are the fea­tures that cater to its usability.

The large cen­ter focus wheel is easy to oper­ate with gloves on and the eye­piece comes with a 45-degree angle to pre­vent neck strain. The water­proof coat­ing pro­vides peace of mind when view­ing wildlife in heinous weather. And the rein­forced steel case will extend the lifes­pan of your spot­ting scope to pro­vide for years of view­ing pleasure.