5 Things I’m Looking Forward to at Wanderlust Oahu

A few years back I traveled to Wanderlust Festival Colorado in search of teachers who were sharing yoga from unique perspectives. There I met Rachel Brathen, and the Yogaslackers, and learned about their travels as wandering yogis.

Recently the Yogaslackers and some of the folks who make Wanderlust happen reached out and asked me to share more of the story. So in about a week I will be headed to Wanderlust Oahu to follow up with the Slackers and learn about their Road to Wanderlust. I will also be interviewing Jeff Krasno, one of the festival founders, to learn more about the Wanderlust vision. I’m looking forward to spending a little time in the world of full-time adventurers, and those who have dedicated their careers to celebrating the wanderer’s spirit.

In preparation, here are five things I’m looking forward to at Wanderlust Oahu:

A Community of Yogis

Wanderlust Community
Photo by Ali Kaukas for Wanderlust Festival

While there are all kinds of activities at Wanderlust, Yoga is clearly the bridge that unifies the people who show up. There’s music, dancing, talks, meditation sessions, and all kinds of movement arts. However, they are being expressed within a field of people who love the practice of Yoga enough to take time out of life to celebrate it. There’s nothing like sharing the joy of your practice with old and new friends for a couple of days in a beautiful location. My parents live on Oahu, and my mom will be taking classes on the first day of the festival, which I’m sure will only add to the family vibe. The Yogaslackers have assured me that they’ll be able to teach her how to walk a slackline, and it’s that kind of inclusiveness that makes for a fun time.

Post-Yoga Dance Parties

Wanderlust Music
Photo by Christen Vidanovic for Wanderlust Festival

I love a good dance party, and after you’ve practiced for 4+ hours in a day, you might just need to crash. But personally, I love a post-yoga dance session, and Wanderlust does a good job of finding top notch musical acts. Nahko and Medicine for the People are headlining, so there will definitely be some hippie swaying going on. DJ Drez generally balances out the equation with some more danceable beats. Either way, I’ll be shakin’ it.

Delicious Food

Wanderlust Food
Photo by Amanda Bjorn for Wanderlust Festival

I skipped the Farm-to-Table experience in Colorado, so I am deciding to treat myself to Sea-to-Table, a dinner made with fresh, local, organic ingredients by Chef Conrad Aquino. I also plan to hit up one or two of the North Shore’s famous shrimp carts. Also, having been to the Turtle Bay resort when The Clymb offices worked there remotely a couple years ago, I know that their breakfast buffet is amazing. Essentially, I plan to have a handful of epic meals over the course of the four days, and then lightly snack the rest of the time. Speaking of snacks, for those that haven’t been to Wanderlust, there are often lots of free healthy snack samples. I will do my best not to overdose on coconut ice cream this time around, but no promises.


Wanderlust Perspective
Photo by Ali Kaukas for Wanderlust Festival

I have a regular meditation and self-inquiry group that I’ve worked with for years, and a daily yoga and meditation practice here in Portland. But going to something like Wanderlust is so different from my everyday. Introspection on a deeper level is inevitable, even if it’s just by virtue of being in a different environment. This will be amplified by an assortment of mind centering meditation sessions by Erica Jago, body and heart opening movement practices, beach-clean-ups, excursions through nature, meetings with like-minded yogis, and of course several mid-day naps which I definitely plan on taking.

Oahu’s North Shore

Wanderlust North Shore
Photo by Christen Vidanovic for Wanderlust Festival

I grew up on Oahu. It feels like home to me, and there is no place quite like the North Shore. The climate is, as far as I am concerned, the type in which human bodies were meant to thrive. The beaches are beautiful, and loaded with famous surf spots like Pipeline. For any Wanderlust Oahu travelers, if you have never surfed before, you will not find a better place to learn. The Hans Hedemann surf instructors are excellent. On arrival, I plan to walk a mile down the beach, swim out past the reef, and make contact with the water. These days, it’s not uncommon to see turtles.

Hope to see you there!