6 Rebuttals for People Who Claim They Can’t Do Yoga

6-rebuttals-for-people-who-claim-they-cant-do-yogaIf you count a passionate yogi among your inner circle of friends, chances are that he or she has at some point encouraged you to attend a yoga class. And if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you faltered and gave a really great excuse—or so you thought. 

When people discover something that makes them feel as good as yoga does, they can’t help but want to share it. While feeling intimidated by their pushiness might be natural, there’s really no excuse not to try yoga for yourself.

Here are six rebuttals for the most common excuses not to try yoga: 

I’m Not Flexible Enough.
If you think all people who practice yoga are made of rubber, think again. Being flexible is far from being a prerequisite to enjoying yoga—in fact, if you think you’re not stretchy enough, that means that you could probably benefit from yoga, which will improve your flexibility.

Not to mention, yoga is about much more than just flexibility—strength, balance, and stamina are a few other areas that you’ll be working on.

Finally, in yoga, everything is, well, flexible—there are no rules for how far you have to take a pose. There is always a modification that can be made to accommodate your body.

I Can Stretch at Home.
Sure, you can stretch at home—the same stretches you’ve been doing since the 6th grade. Yoga can introduce you to new poses that work your body in different ways, giving you a more well-rounded stretch.

Another perk of heading to the studio is the people. There’s a subtle buzz that is generated when members of the community come together. In a class, you’ll have the benefit of having a teacher who can correct your alignment and encourage you to experience poses in different ways.

Plus, yoga is more than just stretching—just take a class to see what I mean.


I Want a Real Workout.
If you don’t think that yoga is a real workout, then head to your nearest hot yoga class—now try to tell me that it isn’t a real workout!

Yoga encompasses many different types of classes, and that’s part of what makes it so neat. If you want a class that will leave you shaking and sweating, you can probably find one. But don’t forget to try a mellow restorative class to balance it out– you just might surprise yourself with how much you enjoy it.

I Tried Yoga Once. It Was Awful.
If you tried yoga before and it just didn’t click—well, first off, kudos to your for having given it a go. Before you write it off entirely, however, know that there are a multitude of types of yoga classes, and there are even more studios and teachers than you could possibly imagine. Maybe the style, teacher, or studio you tried just didn’t mesh with you—but instead of giving it up, consider shopping around until you find your fit.

Many studios offer free first classes or cheap intro passes. These are ideal for people trying to find their perfect yoga home.

I Don’t Want to Join a Cult.
Ah yes, the chanting, the lingo, the fact that your friend is trying so hard to recruit you—no wonder you think it’s a cult!

For some people, yoga really is a way of life. For many others, it’s simply something that they do. Practicing yoga doesn’t mean that you have to convert religions or start speaking fluent Sanskrit. It’s about doing what you feel comfortable doing. If that means skipping out on the “ommmmms”, then that’s perfectly fine.

I Don’t Have Time for Yoga.
If you can’t possibly make time for yoga, chances are you’re living a pretty high stress life. You could probably benefit from taking an hour to calm your mind, take the tension out of your shoulders, and to practice gratitude for the great things in your life. Hey, wait a minute… that sounds an awful lot like yoga!