7 Things to Know About Yoga Speed Dating

Yoga Couple

There’s only one place where you can get away with asking a stranger about his or her favorite position—and that’s on a yoga mat.

All jokes aside, it can still be difficult to find quality people to date, despite the onset of online dating sites. For those who prefer quiet nights in the studio to rowdy nights at the bar, it can be even more challenging. Sure, yoga attracts scores of like-minded—not to mention, fit—people, but the silent and intrinsic qualities of yoga are not exactly conducive to start chatting up a stranger.

Enter yoga speed dating: this singles-only style of class combines mingling with a yoga practice. Intrigued? Read on for more information on this unconventional dating method.

Like a Junior High Dance
A typical yoga speed dating class begins with an equal number of men and women, mats laid out one in front of the other. As the class progresses, yogis and yoginis systematically shift their mats so that they are continually matched with a new partner of the opposite sex.

Grab Your Partner
A class will often begin with an individual practice, eventually shifting towards partner yoga, where positions involve both members of the party.

Don’t sweat it—most classes are careful to focus on positions that aren’t terribly invasive. Once you get past the initial awkwardness, partner yoga can actually be quite fun!

Speaking of Sweat…
Forget about doing your hair and piling on the make up: the fact is, a yoga speed dating class, just like any yoga class, will likely leave you with a bit (or a lot) of a “glow”.

Skip the caked-on make up look and embrace the fact that you can go au naturel. If you’re really concerned about your appearance, just put on a yoga outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. Don’t forget: everybody is in the same boat.

To Talk or Not to Talk
Different yoga speed dating classes have different policies for mingling. Some focus entirely on the pose, keeping the conversation between partners to a minimum. Others welcome a little noise, encouraging small talk before you head into the poses. Some classes even offer prompter question with each pairing, helping to break the ice and providing an opportunity to get to know your match beyond their yoga skills.


Make Me a Match
Just like with regular speed dating, yoga speed dating allows you to meet several people in a short amount of time, giving you just enough time to make a first impression.

What happens afterwards depends on the class. Many include a follow up activity—you can join the other participants for a glass of wine (or coconut water) to discover if your first impressions were accurate.

Others skip right to the point: after the class, simply indicate which yogis you felt a connection with. If they felt it, too, the studio will put the two of you in touch.

I Now Pronounce Thee…
Yoga speed dating is relatively new: to date, there are no reported wedded couples that have met at a session. However, attendees report a better success rate for follow up dates than traditional speed dating sessions. The fact that both parties share an interest in yoga means that there will be at least one thing to talk about on the first date!

Give it a Shot!
If you’re curious about speed dating, why not give it a try—at the very least, it makes for a good story. Approach yoga speed dating as you would any new yoga class: with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Yoga speed dating is currently available in many cities in the US, including Denver, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. Classes are popping up everywhere—even in the UK! If you can’t find one nearby, see if your favorite studio is willing to be a pioneer and spearhead the movement locally.