10 Action Sports Athletes to Follow on Instagram

First there were magazines.  Then there were videos.  Now there is a whole new medium for you to see how much cooler someone’s life is than your own. For the voyeur in all of us is Instagram, one of the world’s (if not the) most popular photo-sharing applications. With the ability to follow anyone without them having to accept, it’s become a great way to get inspired by those who are at the top of their respective games.

Action Sports is one industry that has thrived through Instagram. We have always sought out heroes in these sports, as they do the seemingly impossible day in and day out – and continue to raise the bar. Now, with Instagram we do not have to wait for a video to be released or for a magazine to hit the stands – these athletes’ videos and photos are posted as easily as a tap on the phone.

Here are ten athletes you should definitely follow to keep you perpetually stoked.

Alana Blanchard (@alanarblanchard)
Alana is the poster girl for female surfing. She’s one of the world’s best surfers and feed does not disappoint – beautiful scenery from her travels of a beautiful woman – as well an insider’s look at the life of a pro world-tour surfers.

1 alana

Travis Pastrana (@travispastrana)
This man needs no introduction. From motocross to stock-car racing to everything else insanity-related, Pastrana is the king of pushing the limits. His instagram feed is a good mix of snapshots into his life, victory podiums, and other random insights to a world-class champion.

2 travis

Marie France Roy (@mariefranceroy)
MoFo is one of the best female snowboarders on earth. She is a hard working, happy-go-lucky gal who knows how to have a good time. In the offseason she lives a hippie off-the-grid life in Uculeulet, BC. Check out her daily antics and see the real belle provence.

3 marie

Kelly Slater (@kellyslater)
What more can be said about Kelly Slater that hasn’t been said already? If the point of Instagram is to get inspired, surfers (and single guys everywhere) will appreciate a glimpse into the life of one of the longest-standing superstars in any sport, pretty much, ever.

4 kelly

Ryan Doyle (@Ryan_Doyle)
Parkour is still considered a “fringe” sport but if it had an A-list, Ryan Doyle would be at the top. This Redbull athlete travels the world running, jumping (flying?), and flipping through alleyways, over rooftops, and even wild natural environments. His status as a Redbull athlete means he’s getting the star treatment everywhere, and by viewing his photos, you can have a glimpse at that action.

5 ryan

Jamie O’Brien (@whoisjob)
Hawaiian pro surfer Jamie O’Brien shares everything from deep barrel shots to photos of his latest catch. Whatever he shares, you can be assured that this North Shore local knows how to live life well.

6 jamie

Ryan Sheckler (@shecks)
He shows you anything and everything to do with life at the top of the skateboarding scene – parties, contest victories, smiles, and of course amazing skating shots. A great mixed bag of snapshots of someone at the top of their game.

7 ryan

Brandon Semenuk (@brandonsemenuk)
Mountain Biking’s heavy hitter is also a new web sensation with his web series “Life Behind Bars”.  The instagram version of his life shows us his downtime, contest action, and even product previews for next year.  Jealous types should not follow.  

8 brandon

Roberta Mancino (@mancinoroberta)
Let’s get this out of the way, right away – Roberta Mancino is a babe.  If she were president, she’d be Babe-rock Obama. But add in the fact that she is one of the world’s best wingsuit flyers who also dabbles in freediving, and you have an amazing set of photos to admire all the time.

9 roberta

Austin Ross (@austinross88)
If you have not yet heard of Austin Ross, you will by the time you see the new Sherpas’ Cinema masterpiece “Into the Mind” this fall. And trust me, you will see it – or risk being the odd one out if you don’t. Austin absolutely kills any run with such confidence and poise, you’d think he grew up in the mountains with his mom as a ski instructor. Oh, wait – that’s exactly what happened. His Instagram feed is a smorgasboard of outdoor fun, from snow-capped peaks to paragliding from 10,000ft in the sky.

10 austin ross