Clymb Adventures Partner Spotlight: Costa Rica Lokal Travel


The Lokal team connects travelers to experiences that empower local communities and protect wild places. From canoe rides in private rainforest reserves to overnight immersions in indigenous villages, Lokal brings many off-the-beaten-path experiences online for the first time.


Before starting Lokal, founders Dave and Eytan were working on opposite sides of the planet. Along the way, they each met hundreds of inspiring local people who were working multiple jobs to support their families. They were surprised to see how many of them were turning to tourism to help boost incomes, conserve land, and protect cultural heritage.


The team found that local communities were offering travelers incredible opportunities to experience local life, but their unique guesthouses and pristine swimming holes were often empty. Communities wanted to welcome more travelers, but they didn’t know how to get started. As a result, they were missing out on much-needed tourism dollars and travelers were missing out on amazing local experiences. Someone needed to help make the connection.


Lokal connected the dots, helping travelers get immersed in local communities by running week-long trips to experience life in a pristine Costa Rican rainforest. They still offer–and personally guide–these unique adventures today. They now also connect travelers to unique, locally-run experiences with in 14 countries throughout Latin America and Asia.


All the trips are managed by community cooperatives, family businesses, and local operators that ensure each visit supports local livelihoods, preserves cultural traditions and protects wild places.


Support your travel habit while supporting local communities


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