Clymb Adventures Partner Spotlight: Costa Rica Rios

Costa Rica Rios, a family run company, delivers exhilarating multi-sport adventures that showcase the raw, natural beauty of this Central American gem. Coming from New Zealand and Scotland, owners Jane and Fraser Tyrrell took on Costa Rica Rios in 1995 after falling in love with the country during their travels. Spending decades exploring its diverse regions and intimately getting to know the local culture, they are poised to offer well-crafted adventure travel packages.

Committed to sustainable tourism and hiring the best local guides, Costa Rica Rios upholds strict practices that support the environment and local communities. They also educate employees and travelers alike about environmental stewardship while adhering to Leave No Trace principles.

It is clear why National Geographic recognized this operator as one of “The Best Adventure Outfitters On Earth”. To adventure with them is to hike under wild jungle canopies, downhill mountain bike the Turrialba Volcano, raft the legendary whitewater on the Pacuare River, and kayak through rapids on the Rio Pejibaye–all in one adventure.

“Our guides are some of the best adventure guides in the country. Two of them have represented Costa Rica at the world rafting championships, two of them have represented their country at the world kayaking championships, one of them is a professional MMA fighter (but a very nice guy!), and one of them was recently the third rated triathlete in the country, so our guests are in very good hands!” -Fraser Tyrrell, Owner

Commit to supporting locally while delighting in an action-packed experience.