Dads Outside: Iconic Fathers of the Outdoors

Father’s Day is as iconic a holiday as any, a day where we celebrate some of the most influential figures in many of our lives. The list of inspirational dads doing amazing things in the outdoors goes on, there is no shortage of fathers (and mothers) who are out there pushing the limits of adventure while being pioneers for the outdoors, not to mention being parents.

Here are just a few of our favorite outdoor dads, from Jimmy Chin to Mike Libecki, these guys are not only innovators and risk takers, they’re also stand up dads.

John Muir: The man, the myth, the legend. One of the most iconic men of the outdoors, who not only pioneered our current National Park System and founded The Sierra Club, but was also an incredible father. Muir had two daughters, Wanda and Helen Muir, who he would often take into the mountains on his countless trips into the Sierra Nevada.


Jimmy Chin: Already known as one of the most famous outdoor adventure photographers, Jimmy Chin is also an amazing outdoor athlete himself. Not only did he direct the award winning outdoor documentary Meru, with his wife Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, he also climbed the mountain alongside Conrad Anker and Renan Ozturk. Jimmy and his wife have a 3 year old daughter, Marina Chin. The family splits their time between Jackson Hole and New York City.

Mike Libecki: Famous adventurer and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2013, Mike Libecki has been heard on the record saying that his daughter is his number one hero, “She is the energy and fuel of my life; I learn from her every day. She inspires me to inspire her.”Not only this, but the the pair also skied across the entire continent of Antarctica together on an epic journey through cold and ice.