An Epic Clymb Adventure: Travel Journal

The Clymb: What was the inspiration for this trip?
Samuel Rose: One of my closest friends passed away suddenly two weeks before I was set to study abroad in New Zealand. I was crushed by the loss and since then I use him as motivation to live life to the fullest. Hence the idea for this trip was born. 

Why these adventures specifically?
This trip will be about 10 months long and I plan to visit over 30 countries. I bought a round the world plan ticket with Star Alliance. The Clymb provided me with a way to go see Africa, Egypt, Kilimanjaro, and Everest Base Camp–places I felt uncomfortable doing on my own or preferred in a group setting. The main theme was to keep me busy and to push my body and mind as much as possible. Traveling is a beautiful puzzle and the pieces are fun to put together.

What were some highlights?
Egypt was my favorite non-mountainous area. The country gave off such an amazing vibe. Kilimanjaro was insane and the people there were truly incredible, our porters could not have been better. Everest Base Camp was the best thing on this entire journey.  

It was the journey of a lifetime within the journey of a lifetime. 

What made this trip special?
The people I have met along the way. The friends I have gotten to travel with and the places I have gotten to go. I am so thankful and blessed and I won’t be able to fully comprehend what I have done for some time. 

How has this trip impacted the way you live now?
The constant changing of plans forces you to be flexible and deal with adversity. There have been no bad days on this trip, only better days.

Where do you want to go next? 
After traveling nomadically for nearly 10 months, I am moving to Israel to teach English in Beit She’an, an impoverished community in the north.

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