How to Find Work/Adventure Balance

How to Create Balance Between Work and Adventure

Adven­ture: The thing that pas­sion­ately dri­ves you and allows for enjoy­ment in life.
Work: The thing that you have to do, allow­ing you to go on your adven­tures.
Dilemma: How do you cre­ate a bal­ance between these two activ­i­ties in a way that puts a smile on your face?

Bags under the eyes, disheveled hair, and a monot­one voice are all things that indi­cate a lack of the Work-Adventure (W/A) bal­ance. While these may all be side effects of an epic night of St. Patrick’s Day-esque fes­tiv­i­ties, they’re more likely the result of slowly being destroyed by the daily rep­e­ti­tion of mind-numbing work. Peo­ple with a good W/A bal­ance do not look like their soul has been slowly dying in front of a tele­vi­sion; a per­son with a good WA bal­ance is well-rested and pre­pared for work on the regular.

Peo­ple with a good W/A bal­ance find the time to crush out 30 miles on the road bike before the work day even begins. Per­haps they crush out 30 miles on a road bike on their way to work to build up the energy needed to knock out an incred­i­bly pro­duc­tive day, so he/she can take a cou­ple hours off on Fri­day to go on a multi-day climb­ing trip later in the week. Peo­ple with a good W/A bal­ance have a vir­tu­ous cycle where the work fuels their desire to hit the out­doors, but then the out­doors gets them ready again to crush it at work. In order to accom­plish these types of awe­some things, these folks choose work with par­tic­u­lar characteristics.

Job Char­ac­ter­is­tics that are Con­ducive of W/A Balance

Flex­i­ble Hours: Jobs with flex­i­ble hours are the best. This way, you can head out in the morn­ing before going into work with­out glanc­ing at your watch every five min.

Early Hours: Jobs with early hours are also ideal for the W/A bal­ance since you’ll have some sun­light after call­ing it quits for the day.

Con­tract­ing: Work­ing from home is also very con­ducive to a W/A bal­ance. The monot­ony of being at home often forces you to get out­side. While lin­ing up gigs isn’t always the eas­i­est propo­si­tion, the limbo stage of hear­ing back is a great time to enjoy some adven­ture time.

Work­ing for com­pa­nies who encour­age W/A bal­ance: Out­door com­pa­nies often encour­age their employ­ees to get out­side. This could mean manda­tory snow days for when there’s feet of pow­der out­side or early Fri­days so you can enjoy your out­doorsy week­end trip.

Types of Jobs You Don’t Want

9–5’s: While it’s not impos­si­ble to have a W/A bal­ance with a nine to five, it sure makes it harder. The trick here is to plan your adven­tures in advance. Go on a run directly after work (or even, run/bike to work if they have a shower). This way you uti­lize your day­light instead of going home and get­ting stuck in front of the TV.

On Call: On call jobs might be the worst. You’ll never have a piece of that sweet work-free free­dom that is required for adven­ture. Avoid these occu­pa­tions at all costs…I’m talk­ing to you Dr. Whoever.