Surf and SUP in the British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands Surf SupSome of the best beaches of the Caribbean can be found in the British Virgin Islands, which means there are also some pretty gnarly places to surf and SUP. Here are a few of the best swells along the BVI’s shores.

Josiah’s Bay, Tortola
Josiah’s Bay is the only beach break in the British Virgin Islands, loaded with both rights and lefts, but it’s also not so challenging that it won’t appeal to everyone. It’s great for long boarders in particular, along with those looking for a place to SUP. The waves rarely reach higher than your head, with most being just a couple of feet and during a lot of time it gets pretty flat out there. Be warned, however, that Josiah’s Bay is also pretty infamous for its rough riptide with a nefarious backwash and undertow working to pull you down. You’ll get lost out there if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Apple Bay, Tortola
Apple Bay is a popular reef break that tends to send surfers for a ride when they attempt to tackle its inside shelf. The waves here break mostly to the right and are perfect during an Atlantic Northern swell. It’s notable mostly for its appeal to professional surfers from around the globe, so don’t attempt to tackle it without plenty of experience under your belt. The bottom here is coral, not sand, so if you hit the water and get rag-dolled underneath a strong wave you’re going to be feeling it for days.

Well Bay, Beef Island
You won’t find any great, or even good, surfing along Well Bay, but it’s a fantastic place for a SUP adventure. The waters here are consistently calm and provide great views of the surrounding island, which contains numerous mangroves and varieties of marine life. It’s also a hop away from the airport so you can make it your first trip as soon as you get off the plane if you’re feeling frisky.

Cane Bay, Tortola
Tortola is home to the best waves in the BVI, with the biggest residing along the shores of Cane Bay. This right point break only arrives a handful of times a year so locals can be a little greedy about letting tourists in, but if you’re an experienced surfer they’ll open up once you show you can hang with the best of them. The waves reach upward of fifteen feet high during the biggest breaks and Cannon Point is for experts only, so aim for that area if you want to test your mettle. Otherwise, the surrounding bay is great for skilled surfers looking for places to duck and dive. Long and short boards welcome here.

Anegada is the northernmost of the British Virgin Islands and arguably the most beautiful. It’s small so you can circle the entire thing over the course of a day. The island is extremely popular among professional kite boarders thanks to the calm waves and excellent winds, but it’s also a good spot to get your SUP on. The waters are crystal clear and the views go on for miles. There isn’t much in the way of onshore entertainment, but that’s okay, because there’s plenty to see swimming under the water here. The coral reef below is home to dozens of species of fish running through the mazes and tunnels. It’s breathtaking and perfect for SUP.