The Cinder Cone: A Head in the Trees and A Dream on Wheels

As kids we dream about building forts. We want secret passages, hidden rooms, or a fort high up in the trees, but we don’t have the skills to pull it off. So we use what we find lying around: scattered sticks, pillows, cardboard boxes, or a snowbank to construct our little dreams.

Then we get older and gain all sorts of skills, swinging a hammer, running a skillsaw, or at least befriending folks who know how. And we actually have the ability to bring those dreams to life, but we run up against obstacles like time, money, or fear to follow our imagination. 

That’s why this video is so refreshing. It taps into a childish imagination to build something that’s not necessarily practical, but entirely cool.

Foster Huntington and crew nail their dreams with this multi-tiered tree fort and skating bowl in the Columbia Gorge. And they capture it all with some old-timey, nostalgic scenes that remind us, no matter how far-fetched, to follow our dreams.