Honoring Our Clymb Bike Commuters


Recently the Clymb team moved our office from the Pearl District of Portland into Downtown. Since, we’ve all had the challenge and opportunity to find ways to get to our new space. We’re stoked about the selection of new lunch spots, there are food carts all over,  but trying to park a car in downtown Portland is a challenge,  both expensive and stressful. Since the move, a lot more of the Clymb team members have taken to bike commuting. Rain or shine, these two-wheeled warriors ride into the office almost every day. In honor, we’re profiling a few of our bike commuters, each sharing what they like about commuting by bike.

Jeff_Clymb_BikeCommute_0070 (1)

Jeff R. – Email Marketing Coordinator
“Bike commuting has become essential to my weekly workout routine. Riding in the morning gives me energy to power through the workday while the trip home allows me to decompress and reflect on the day. The best part of daily riding is that I allow more cheat meals and desserts. Commuting has given me the freedom to expand my workouts outside of the gym.”     





Karina_Clymb_BikeCommute_0116Karina S. – Senior Graphic Designer
“I’m gonna be honest, I’m a fair-weather bike commuter, especially in the winter. Last summer I used my commute to work to help me train for the triathlon I had coming up. It was a really easy way to workout, and one that fit into my normal schedule. It gets my body moving in the morning, saves me money on gas, and get’s me to work just as fast!”






Kyle2_Clymb_BikeCommute_0093Kyle M. – Social & Community Lead
“I like to go fast, feel the wind blow through my hair, and get my eyes watering. Biking is good for the planet and my body, plus I drive a pretty big camp-ready Tacoma and it’s a great way to avoid having to drive my truck around the city. It’s also the perfect way to avoid all the frustration that comes with morning traffic, there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to just cruise past all the people stuck in traffic inside their metal boxes.” 






Laura A. – Adventures Program Coordinator
“Biking to work has given me a new perspective on commuting. My day is set up for success when it starts with a relaxing morning ride. Plus, I avoid the stress of rush-hour traffic and paying for gas and parking everyday. Pro Tip: Always carry your rain gear. Don’t let that spring shower catch you off guard, it’s better to  avoid showing up to work drenched!”