Wildlife Conservation Network: Protecting Wildlife Everywhere

The Wildlife Conservation Network is a certified 501c3 non-profit that partners with conservationists around the globe to develop community-based projects dedicated to helping wildlife and people co-exist. We’re paying homage to the WCN, a nonprofit doing excellent work in the field for over 15 years.

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“WCN’s mission is to protect endangered species and preserve their natural habitats by supporting entrepreneurial conservationists who pursue innovative strategies for people and wildlife to coexist and thrive.” The WCN does this by supporting its partners with the appropriate capital and resources to help them fulfill their goals, whether it’s marketing, accounting, funding, or strategic planning. Additionally, by efficiently allocating resources WCN is unique in the way it is able to work with local organizations and apply aid where it is needed most. Steve Mandel Elephants Marching

Since its founding in 2002, the WCN has grown to be one of the most widely recognized nonprofits doing work with endangered species today. With an annual revenue of close to 10 million dollars, they’ve partnered with hundreds of organizations globally, including the Save the Elephants charity and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. In addition, they’ve successfully launched their own annual Wildlife Expo which happens annually, notable keynote speakers have included, Dr. Jane Goodall, Peter Matthiessen, and Dr. Greg Rasmussen.

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“The Wildlife Conservation Network’s radical approach to conservation – sending 100% of every dollar to the field – has fundamentally upped our game for our work to keep Kenya wild with elephants. Our joint Elephant Crisis Fund is now taking that same concept and responding to the massive challenge of the ivory crisis to ensure elephants will always roam wild and safely across the entire African continent.” – Frank Pope, Chief Operations Officer, Save the Elephants

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“Imagine a trail run or ride with no wildlife in it. A once in a lifetime safari with no elephants or lions. A trek through the Andes with no clawed or pawed tracks in the trail in front of you. We can’t either. That’s why the Wildlife Conservation Network finds the best and the brightest conservation heroes around the world who fight for endangered wildlife and ensure their mission success: to keep wildlife in the wild.” – Jeffrey Parrish, Vice President for Conservation, Wildlife Conservation Network

To learn more about the Wildlife Conservation Network or to get involved, check out their website here. All photos taken by Steven Mandel, courtesy of WCN.