5 Backcountry Cooking Tips for Meals That Don’t Suck

Eating Well

We’ve all suffered through mediocre meals in the name of backpacking. Here’s five ideas to help spice up your campsite cooking routine. 


Rosemary1. Freshen up

Fresh herbs like basil, rosemary, and parsley can last for days in your pack. Layer herbs between paper towels and store in an airtight bag. Add to your meal or chew on a basil leaf for a refreshing taste.


 Cheese2. Get Cheesy

Stock up on high-quality hard cheeses like parmesan or romano, which can go unrefrigerated for extended periods of time. Eat with crackers or shred over oatmeal for a savory breakfast.


 Pasta Salad3. Trust the pros

If you don’t have the tools to dehydrate your own meals, or don’t trust your cooking to keep you satisfied, try jazzing up ready-made meals. Re-package boxed pastas with additional freeze-dried veggies and salami for a reliable—and delicious—dinner.


 Egg Carrier4. So long powdered eggs

Organic eggs from pastured chickens are safe at room temperature for a few days. Invest in a three-dollar egg carrier and forget about powdered egg omelets. Just make sure you trust the farm where the eggs are coming from, some organic sources are still susceptible to salmonella.


Candy Bar5. Indulge

Do you secretly love packaged moon pies and kit kats? Pack ‘em. You’ll be thankful for old favorites out on the trail. Just make sure to balance treats with high-protein, whole-grain meals to avoid burning out.