5 Spring Camping Spots to Watch the Flowers Bloom

Some might argue the greatest thing about spring is the explosion of color that happens as trees come back to life and flowers begin to bloom. If you’re seeking out some truly breathtaking views for your spring camping trips, here are a few spots where the kaleidoscope of colors will rock your world.

Crested ButteCrested Butte, Colorado
The annual Wildflower Festival in Crested Butte isn’t held until July, but many of the blooms begin early in the spring. Endless arrays of trails surround the town leading up into the mountains with great views of the surrounding landscape. You’ll find yourself knee-deep in blooms of orange, gold and pink flowers. A little higher up into the West Elk Mountains and you’ll find brilliant yellow alpine sunflowers everywhere you look, along with stunning death camas, delphiniums and blue columbines.

Franconia NotchFranconia Notch, New Hampshire
New England’s fall camping season is the stuff of legend for those seeking out some colorful views, but even in spring the rolling hills near Franconia Notch State Park can rival any competition. The illustrious purple lupines of Sugar Hill are practically world-famous and Franconia Notch puts you front and center for the show. It also doesn’t hurt that the surrounding White Mountains make for some of the most epic adventure grounds in the country. In early spring the lupines are accented by brilliant hues of red, yellow and white blooms.

Smokemont Loop, North CarolinaSmokemont Loop, North Carolina
While Tennessee might house the most famous portions of the Great Smoky Mountains North Carolina lays claim to the most beautiful parts in early spring. That’s because the Smokemont Loop Trail near Cherokee comes alive with a cacophony of white, pink and purple violets and foam flowers once the weather starts to warm. The trail itself is a simple route that’s well suited for any level of hiker and there are roughly 140 campsites available to plant to your tent. You really can’t go wrong anywhere in the Great Smoky Mountains, lovingly nicknamed the “Wildflower National Park.”

Hite Cove, YosemiteHite Cove, Yosemite, California
The Sierra Nevadas already hold some of the most awe-inspiring views in the western hemisphere and come March through May the mountainside comes even more alive with wildflowers. Home to arguably the best wildflower camping and hiking in the state, or the country, the Hite Cove Trail is covered with 60 different varieties of wildflowers during the spring season. It’s a fantastic spot for outdoor adventurers, seasoned hikers and your average flower enthusiasts to set up camp and experience beauty in its truest form.

carrizo plainCarrizo Plain, Southern California
With the super bloom in full sweep (and swallowing your news feed) it’s no surprise this epic display of color makes the list. While a super bloom doesn’t happen every year you can still find plenty of spots in the SoCal desert where the blooms pop up each spring. Chief among them is the Carrizo Plain National Monument. Located roughly 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles, this large grassland plain is 50 miles long and showcases some of the most vibrant colors you can imagine. All of which are set against a pretty beige background to make them truly pop. There are plenty of campgrounds to be had with the easiest, Selby, nestled right in the national monument.