6 of the Best Weekend Hiking Trails in Oregon

oregon trailOregon is a magnificent state with so many fantastic hiking spots. If you want to get out of the house this weekend to do some hiking, we’ve got your back. Here are 6 of the best weekend hiking treks in Oregon, including trails that take a few hours and trails that will require an overnight stay.

Mount Jefferson
Mount Jefferson is one of the most famous hiking spots in Oregon, and it offers a few different routes that are perfect for a weekend wander. Most of the trails link via the PCT, so it’s fairly easy to try more than one route if you fancy.

There are some routes you might want to avoid during the weekend due to how busy they are. One of the most popular areas is Jefferson Park where visitors can camp near the lakes, so it’s always very busy.

Some good trails to check out are at Opel Creek Wilderness, as they start near swimming holes and continue to quieter forests where you can camp. You can also check out the trails at Serene and Rock Lakes, but make sure to bring mosquito repellent during the warmer months.

Columbia River Gorge
The Columbia River Gorge has trails that take at least eight hours to complete, but there are also shorter trails that are perfect for an afternoon—watch out as of late forest fires have been active in the area.

Three Sisters
The Three Sisters are seriously impressive peaks, boasting sights such as beautiful alpine lakes at the foot of giant volcanoes. There’s no shortage of trails at the Three Sisters that are perfect for a weekend hike, including a fun overnight trip that starts at the Bend, goes through Green Lakes, and includes a camping area beneath the South Sister.

oregon trail

Mount Hood
One of the best overnight hiking treks in Oregon is The Salmon River Trail at Mount Hood. The trail is filled with beautiful views, including old growth forests and rivers. Many camping spots along the trail allow you to make it an overnight. This hiking trail is also great for families as it isn’t too consistently strenuous or challenging.

Eastern Oregon
Eastern Oregon contains one of the best hiking treks in the state…and only 6 percent of the population live there, so the hiking routes are very quiet and peaceful. One great weekend hiking trails you can find in Eastern Oregon is the Elkhorn Crest Trail, which travels through ancient forests and around icy blue mountain lakes. This hike will give you a real sense of solitude, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to get away from the rat race for a few days.

The Wallowas are found in Northeast Oregon, with limitless vistas of beautiful peaks and alpine lakes to explore. Some of the hikes here can take days and are challenging, but there’s also a fantastic overnight weekend trail at Glacier Lake that won’t break your back. The trail is 13 miles long with breathtaking views of the peaks and the lakes—and a few camping spots you can choose from to set up basecamp. However, it’s worth noting that you may be sharing the trail with horse packers.