6 Fringe Winter Sports to Try This Winter

Winter isn’t just for the skiers and snowboarders, if you’re interested in getting out there, having some fun in the snow, and trying something a little more off the beaten path, consider giving one of these a try. Who knows you might just be a natural.

Skijoring at its finest in Lakeside, Montana. @406_rob

Ever thought about what it would feel like to get towed on your skis by a dog or a horse, maybe even a car? Ever wanted to compete against other skiers also getting towed? If yes, then skijoring is for you. This age-old sport is a boat load of fun, who knows it might even be your next mode of transportation to the grocery store.

Ski Biking
Picture a bike but instead of wheels you’ve got two or three skis. These things are fast, fun, and even a little scary. This sport is a great way to hit the ski slopes if you don’t feel like skiing or snowboarding, and many ski resorts now offer rentals and even lessons for those looking to learn.

Ice Climbing/Mountaineering
While maybe not exactly fringe sports, ice climbing and mountaineering are great ways for those who don’t ski or snowboard to get outside and enjoy the wonderful beauty of nature in winter.  However they are both some of the more cost prohibitive of winter sports, not to mention they are also dangerous activities that take a considerable amount of  knowledge and preparation. That being said, they’re both a lot of fun if done safely.


Undoubtedly the brain child of snowboarders and skateboarders, snowskating is a great way to embrace skateboarding and the more technical bag of tricks that come with it. By not having the board attached to your feet, riders have the freedom of moving around like their on a skateboard, while on snow.

Fat Biking
Ever tried to bike in the snow with normal pair of bike tires? Doesn’t work. Fat biking is all about the girth, with huge tires, wheels cover more surface area giving you the freedom to peddle around on snow like you would on a city street. With recent popularity growing, adventure travel trip providers have recently started adding fat bike tours to their list of activities, so get out there, hop on a bike, and hit the snow.

Last but definitely not least. Yukigassen is a Japanese snowball fighting competition that is exactly what it sounds like. Players compete with teams of seven in a head to head competition that is scored similarly to capture the flag, wherein players get out if they are hit with a snowball, and the ultimate goal is to either eliminate all opposing players or capture the other teams flag. Competitions are held all over the world, with a championship in Hokkaido, Japan.