7 Things to Bring on a Hot Springs Adventure

During the colder months of the year it can be tough to garner the strength to head outdoors for a winter adventure, but for those looking to brave the cold while also hoping to partake in a more relaxing form of outdoor adventure, hot springs are what you need. Here’s a short list of some stuff you might want to bring along.


Water Bottle
This could be an easy one to forget, since you’re literally heading to a body of water, but making sure to bring a water bottle is often times easier said than done. Plus don’t forget you can’t drink the water at most hot springs, not that you’d want to since it’s pipping hot, so make sure to pack in water. And if it’s allowed it’s always nice to have a few cold ones while you and your friends soak.

Maybe you’re trekking into a hot springs from far out, or maybe it’s snowy, but once you get there you’ll be glad you brought some extra footwear. Many hot springs are often out in the woods and the pools have been built into existing rock structures, where ground can be unstable, rocks can be sharp, and you never know what you’re gonna get.  It can be nice to have some extra footwear to slip into for soaking.

If you’re heading out during the winter months you’ll know that the sun tends to set pretty early during this time of year. The last thing you want is to be hiking all the way back out to the trail head in pitch black. Bring a headlamp.


Bathing Suit (optional)
Potentially the most important item for your soaking experience. Sure there’s a handful of the soaking hot springs out there that are clothing optional, but hey lets be honest that isn’t for most of us. You’ll probably want a bathing suit, so bring a bathing suit.

Bluetooth Speaker
This is a “use at your own judgement” recommendation. Chances are if you’re going out to a popular hot springs and there are a lot of people around they might not want to hear your tunes. Be polite, ask first, and respect others. With that being said, there’s no harm in breaking out the jams when the time is right.

Preferably a daypack, but if you’re going for a long distance hike to some springs you’ll obviously want a backpackers bag. The trusty backpack is the most sure way to remember that you don’t forget all your other essentials, water bottle, towel, bathing suit, you name it.

Nobody wants to stand around in the freezing cold waiting to air dry, make sure to pack your towel so the second you get out you can get warm and dry.