Camping Beverage Guide for Adults

©istockphoto/sliper84Summer is the season for sleeping under the stars, throwing burgers on the grill, and sipping on your favorite beverage. Whether you’re hanging out in the backyard, backpacking through alpine wonderlands, or camping out down by the river, try these fun ideas for our favorite camp beverages.

Car Camping
If you’re car camping, consider investing in an insulated, double-walled stainless steel growler to keep beer, cider, or carbonated kombucha fresh and cold. If you’re going to be out for more than a couple of days, try turning your growler into a personal keg! Just look for a growler that offers a lid with portable CO2 cartridges and a hose, so you can preserve your beer’s carbonation after tapping.

Backyard Bonfire
If you’re hanging out around a backyard bonfire, add a splash of bourbon or Kahlua to your mug of hot chocolate. For added style points, top your toasty drink with a perfectly golden-brown marshmallow—just don’t burn your mouth!

If you’re planning an alpine expedition, pack a flask of something from the top shelf. Most people find that drinking at altitude isn’t as much fun as it sounds, because it hampers acclimatization and can cause heartburn and headaches. But experts agree that when you’ve returned from your successful summit bid, one or two sips of something delicious is good for the soul.

The Lake
If you’re spending an afternoon at the lake, make sangria! Before you leave home, chop up whatever fruit is on hand, then scoop it into a plastic bottle and add vodka. Transport it on ice in a cooler, and whenever you’re ready to drink it, add wine, juice, or sparkling water and garnish with more fresh fruit. Enjoy!

If you’re camping in the woods, look for fresh berries (make sure they’re not the poisonous kind). Double-check to make sure they’re edible, then forage for a handful of the ripest ones. Put them in a jar, add tequila, and wait as long as you can. If you can find snow, add a handful to make a margarita! Otherwise, cool your concoction in a river or stream, then enjoy.

If you’re heading to the beach, make grown-up Capri Suns. Mix fruit juice or punch with vodka or rum, then pour individual servings into Ziploc bags and freeze overnight. Transport the frozen bags on ice in a cooler, then serve by unzipping the Ziplock a couple of millimeters and slipping a straw inside.

If you’re going ultralight, invest in some powdered apple cider, hot chocolate or chai tea. Add warm water, then a splash of your favorite whiskey or rum.

Remember: these ideas are just intended as inspiration! Feel free to give each recipe your own spin. After all, invention is the spice of life! And as always, please drink responsibly. When in the backcountry, use extra caution: stay well-hydrated, make sure you’re in a safe place, and never, ever drive when you’ve been drinking.