Yoga for Snow Sports: Why You Should Start Stretching for the Pow Now 


Sometimes we outdoor warriors go so hard that we forget to actually take care of and rejuvenate our bodies. Pounding powder in the winter without having properly trained our muscles for it results in injuries and poorer performance. However, yoga is a wonderfully restorative exercise that can help you build lean muscle, stretch out your tendons, and ensure that your body is supple for ski season. 

pyramid posePyramid Pose
Excellent for stretching the hamstrings and shoulders, Pyramid Pose is simple but extremely effective and can typically be attempted by anyone, no matter your level of exposure to yoga, physical fitness, or flexibility. As is the case with all poses in yoga, doing them correctly is key. Have a friend practice this pose with you or do it standing in front of a mirror to ensure that you’re striking the pose perfectly.

chairMountain to Chair Pose
When training for mountain sports, try adding Mountain Pose to Chair Pose. Standing in an upright position, feet together with your big toes touching and making sure that you are actively rooting your feet to the ground (imagine the ground is constantly pushing you up and you must lightly but firmly push down through your feet to ensure that the ground doesn’t move), you then bend your knees and lift your arms as if you are sitting down in a chair. 

triangleTriangle Pose
If you’ve attended even a single yoga class, you’ve probably done Triangle Pose. This position is excellent for stretching your sides and hamstrings, and it targets your groin area while opening your hips and shoulders. Because your lower body and core are so important for skiing, this position is extremely effective without being difficult.

bridgeBridge Pose
There is sooooo much packed into this relaxing pose. Not only does it stretch and open your shoulders, neck, and back but it also engages your hip flexors and thighs. For those of you with tightness in your back and shoulders, this pose will help alleviate pain and will build supple strength.