Alex Honnold: The Life Of A Real Rock Star

Alex Honnold is a rock star worth admiring. This video provides an inspirational glimpse into how the young climber leads his life, which the public is growing more and more interested in year after year.

His ascendency into mainstream culture began with the Larry King interview on 60 Minutes in 2011. At the time, his most recent accomplishment was free climbing the sheer face of Sentinel in Yosemite National Park. The footage made the nation’s palms sweat, and when confronted with a figure that apparently had no fear people began to question, “Who is this fearless rock star?”

This video answers some of those questions. It gives you an inside look into the climber’s life, but it does also feel like an extended ad for following your passion. The video is sponsored by Dewar’s scotch — a strangely mainstream sponsor for an outdoor athlete that doesn’t drink. Nonetheless, it’s still inspiring to learn more about a person who commits their entire life to their passion.

By Tim Gibbins