The Followcopter Takes POV Filming to the Next Level

FreeOV – unpole your camera from followcopter on Vimeo.

Part hand-held POV camera, part drone, the Followcopter could very well change the world of action sports filming.

The concept is novel, yet simple: the camera starts off as your normal hand-held point of view camera, which can then be chucked into the air, transforming into a drone to capture epic, helicopter-style shots of you as you send it down the mountain. Right now, the drone is operated manually, but the eventual plans are to have the camera follow you automatically.

Riders Mike Basich and Nicholas Wolken, along with cameraman Cristoph Thoresen, give us a hint of what the Followcopter will be capable of producing. We think you’ll agree that the results are remarkable.

The Followcopter isn’t available for sale yet—so you’ll have plenty of time to bust out the piggy bank and start saving.