36 Legs, 36 Cities

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On May 5th, two of our team mem­bers, Cam Fer­roni and Eric Nace, attend­ed ‘Cal­i­for­ni­a’s Longest Par­ty,’ The Relay. The Relay fea­tures 12-mem­ber teams walk­ing 24 legs (2 legs per walk­er, 3–7 miles each) through 28 cities and across the Gold­en Gate Bridge. Walk­ers trav­el 129 miles to relay the mes­sage of the impor­tance of organ dona­tions and spon­sor­ing a team means donat­ing to Organs ‘R’ Us.

For those want­i­ng a faster pace, from Napa Val­ley to the Pacif­ic Ocean, 12-mem­ber teams run 36 legs (3 legs per run­ner, 3–8 miles each) through 36 cities and across the Gold­en Gate Bridge at mid­night, also in sup­port of Organs ‘R’ Us and the 110,000 Amer­i­cans wait­ing for organ dona­tions. Fer­roni and Nace par­tic­i­pat­ed in the 199-mile run from Cal­is­to­ga to San­ta Cruz.

Spon­sors, prop­er­ty own­ers, and vol­un­teers cheer on the par­tic­i­pants, fol­low­ing along the route — some­times in dec­o­rat­ed vans — offer­ing words of encouragement.

Eric (left) and Cam

“When­ev­er I do some­thing like this,” Nace said. “I go for three rea­sons: The chal­lenge —  find­ing my cur­rent lim­its and see­ing if I push through them; the cause – giv­ing your all is a per­son­al thing, being able to reach down and give more is when you think beyond your­self, and final­ly, it’s pret­ty dang fun!”

Nace also point­ed out that the whole expe­ri­ence of being a part of a team was amaz­ing. Even though he could­n’t walk right for a cou­ple of days after the race, he added that he was left with one thought, “When’s the next one?”