Castelli Apparel Review

For those seek­ing qual­i­ty cycling in the win­ter, func­tion­al gear is a must. This week­end I test­ed out a slew of Castel­li prod­ucts on a long, win­ter ride just out­side the city lim­its of Port­land. I want­ed to see if the appar­el would suc­ceed in keep­ing me warm and dry through the cold con­di­tions of the pacif­ic northwest.



The Jack­et: Zon­colan Jacket

Zoncolan Jacket

As I geared up for the ride and zipped up the Zon­colan for the first time I became wor­ried the jack­et would be too warm, but a few min­utes lat­er I was pleas­ant­ly sur­prised to find that I was wrong. Though the jack­et is thick, lined with com­fort­able fleece, and keeps the full upper-body warm with a Ther­moflex flip-up full zip col­lar, the Wind­stop­per X‑fast 2 fab­ric breathes won­der­ful­ly while allow­ing my body to retain nice dry heat. An hour into my ride, as I bat­tled up steep hills and rode down quick windy declines, the jack­et was still keep­ing me con­sis­tent­ly warm and hold­ing a nice bal­ance of breatha­bil­i­ty. Though it nev­er out­right rained on my ride, the Zon­colan did a good job at keep­ing me dry dur­ing a few light driz­zles. I would high­ly rec­om­mend this Jack­et for weath­er 45 degrees and below. Not only does the Zon­colan per­form well, it looks incred­i­bly styl­ish to match.

The Gloves: CW 3.0 Glove

CW 3.0 GloveIt has been a tough search to find the per­fect win­ter glove. Often times gloves are too bulky, don’t breathe well, or are not warm enough. The CW 3.0 Glove might be my new win­ter solu­tion. It was warm enough for the long cold ride and breath­able enough to pre­vent my palms from sweating. 

The Bib Tights: Ergo Bibtight

Ergo Bibtight

These tights per­formed  as well as expect­ed, keep­ing my legs dry and warm even in windy down­hill con­di­tions. The Kiss3 pad pro­vides a good bal­ance between firm sup­port and cush­ion in the sad­dle, and the ankle zip­pers are a great fea­ture that allow the tights to be eas­i­ly fit­ted or removed.

The Shoe Cov­ers: Dilu­vio Shoe­cov­ers 16

Diluvio Shoecovers 16Hav­ing recent­ly attempt­ed a long win­ter ride with no shoe cov­ers (which result­ed in com­plete numb­ness and near frost­bite in my toes) I was over­joyed to try the Dilu­vio Shoe­cov­ers 16 for cold cycling con­di­tions. The first thing I noticed was their sleek, low visu­al pro­file. Many shoe-cov­ers look too bulky and scream for atten­tion, but the thin-yet-stur­dy 3mm neo­prene fab­ric that makes up the Dilu­vios fit tight­ly against my shoes, mak­ing for a non-bulky and styl­ish cov­er. The mate­r­i­al is com­plete­ly water­proof, wind resis­tant, and kept my feet warm and dry for the entire ride.

The Con­clu­sion:

Each piece of gear met up to the high stan­dards that are com­mon in Castel­li’s line of qual­i­ty prod­ucts, and each made for a com­fort­able, enjoy­able, and styl­ish ride…even in the harsh win­ter weath­er con­di­tions of the north­west. I would high­ly rec­om­mend all of these prod­ucts for cold con­di­tions under 50 degrees.