Everest Is Waiting For Our Winner

Michael_Gallagher_vertMount Ever­est is wait­ing for our win­ner and three of his lucky friends. Michael Gal­lagher’s name was ran­dom­ly cho­sen from tens of thou­sands of entries to win the adven­ture of a life­time: a trip for four to Ever­est base camp. Gal­lagher and his com­pan­ions will spend 15 days fol­low­ing the foot­steps of Edmund Hillary and Ten­z­ing Nor­gay to the great­est moun­tain in the world. Gal­lagher was able to quell his excite­ment long enough to answer a few of our questions.

Why did you want to win a trip to Mount Ever­est?
Michael Gal­lagher: I love to trav­el, and it has always been a dream to trav­el to the Himalayan Moun­tains, and sur­round­ing area.

Who will you bring and why?
My sib­lings! They have always pushed me to suc­ceed and also don’t mind hav­ing a good time.

What are you most excit­ed to see or do dur­ing the trip?
I am excit­ed to be in Mount Ever­est’s shad­ow, spend time in a dif­fer­ent cul­ture, and expe­ri­ence all I can on a trip of a lifetime.

Tell us about the three most essen­tial pieces of gear you will pack for the trip.
Com­fort­able and WARM boots, tech­ni­cal out­er­wear, and a camera!

Who or what most inspires you to pur­sue adven­ture?
My moth­er inspires me to be adven­tur­ous, whether it is sky­div­ing, snow­board­ing, hik­ing, or even bizarre food.  Since I was a kid she has been push­ing me to explore the world and what it has to offer.