Joshua Montague, Every Day Clymber

Clymb mem­ber Joshua Mon­tague is the per­fect exam­ple of how The Clymb has man­aged to amass almost one mil­lion mem­bers. Joshua nev­er hes­i­tates to share with his Twit­ter fol­low­ers when The Clymb is offer­ing up great deals on top brands (which, let’s face it, is dai­ly), he shares his per­son­al online pur­chas­es with his fol­low­ers, and he always drops us a friend­ly line to let us know a pur­chase has arrived. A mem­ber since Novem­ber 2009, Joshua shares how The Clymb has become a part of his every day:

In most ways, I’m an Every­man. Five or six days a week, I get up and go to work in the morn­ing, try to squeeze in some friends and fun in the evening, and go to bed. Rinse and repeat.

But the remain­ing days of the week are reserved for get­ting out­doors and hav­ing as much fun as pos­si­ble. What fol­lows could eas­i­ly describe any two days, mov­ing from those work-days to those fun-days. Every prod­uct men­tioned came from The Clymb.

Alarm. 6:30 am.

Roll out of bed, imme­di­ate­ly slide into the Sier­ra Designs Down Moc­casin. The kitchen floor may be frigid, but my feet sure won’t be. Jeans and my super-soft Clymb Rangelife shirt (i.e. my “free ship­ping”) will keep me com­fort­able today.

Food. News. Pack up for the day. Pop my Skull­Can­dy Ink’d head­phones in and rock out on the way to work. Do my thing for eight or ten hours, head back home. Those down Moc­casins will be back on my feet moments after step­ping through the door. It’s an ear­ly night; need to get some rest for tomorrow.

Alarm. 7:30 am.

Jump out of bed. Down Moc­casins, cof­fee, break­fast. Pack the climb­ing gear into my pack. Don’t for­get to toss in the SIGG Steel­works water bot­tle. It’s tak­en some seri­ous beat­ings, but keeps on truck­ing. To stay cool, com­fort­able, and func­tion­al today, my KAVU Rick­y­roo shirt is a must-have.

On both the street and the approach to the crag, my Patag­o­nia Boaris shoes per­form. Lace them up and we’re already out the door. Adven­ture awaits.