Mongolia and the latest brand event

(We love to hear and see pic­tures of the trips of our mem­bers. Here are some pic­tures from a Clymb mem­ber of his recent trip to Mon­go­lia. If you have pic­tures and sto­ries that you would like to share with us leave a com­ment and we will get in con­tact with you.)

It takes a min­i­mum of 8 days to get from Hong Kong to Tavan Bogd, the “Holy Five” moun­tains on Mongolia’s west­ern-most bor­der.  2 visas, 3 flights, 8 days. 7 days might be pos­si­ble, but it’s unlikely.

6 days in and the road, such as it was, simply…ends.  The last two days have to be done on horse­back or foot.  We camp at the edge of the White Riv­er and wait for our Tuvan horse­men to arrive with the hors­es.  They make it just before sun­set ford­ing the riv­er with 7 hors­es and a camel.  It’s all feel­ing a bit Lord of the Rings, espe­cial­ly when the Tuvans are named Enkhbold and Ganbold.

On the sur­face hors­es look like the bet­ter option but even with Russ­ian sad­dles (leather, not wood) after 7 hours on horse­back parts of anato­my would rather be walk­ing. The upside is that there are now oth­er liv­ing crea­tures in the camp, that smell bet­ter than we do.

Tavan Bogd feels like the end of the world: glac­i­ers, moun­tains, hors­es and an icy Siber­ian wind that even home­made mare’s milk vod­ka can’t take the edge off of.   But then again some trips are worth tak­ing, not for what’s there but for what isn’t there: no crowds, no noise and zero technology.

(To see more pic­ture check out our Flickr pro­file. Thanks to our friend Timo, a Clymb mem­ber, for the pho­tos and story.)

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