Our Favorite Out of Office Reply So Far

One of our favorite per­son­al hob­bies here at the Clymb is to rank peo­ple’s “out of office” replies. Usu­al­ly you see the typ­i­cal, “I am out of the office until blah, blah, blah.” not with one mem­ber though. Here is our favorite out of office reply so far:

I am cur­rent­ly on a white­wa­ter kayak­ing trip in the moun­tains of Chile until 1/1. My email access will be spo­radic at best, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Chile… That trumps my trip to my par­ents in Oxnard.

This got us think­ing about all the amaz­ing sto­ries that our mem­bers must have. So we want­ed to open this blog up to you. If you have pic­tures, sto­ries, video, or any­thing else you would like to share about a trip you took, an event you par­tic­i­pat­ed in, or even about your favorite gear we want to hear it. We will pub­lish it on our blog, drop a link to your blog, and give you some Twit­ter love.

We asked the per­son that wrote that out of office reply to share his trip details, hope­ful­ly we end up even a lit­tle more envi­ous with some great trip pictures.

(Oh yeah don’t for­get today is the last day of our Helly Hansen brand event.)