Rudy Garcia-Tolson is an Ironman

This week­end I attend­ed the Iron­man Ari­zona event in Tempe.

Attend­ing an Iron­man event does­n’t leave one short on inspi­ra­tional sto­ries to take home with them. The cul­ture around these events and the peo­ple par­tic­i­pat­ing, vol­un­teer­ing, and watch­ing all feed into the ener­gy and inspi­ra­tion one feels when attending.

You have indi­vid­u­als that lost over a hun­dred  pounds while train­ing for the event. Peo­ple that knew that they need­ed to change their lifestyle and did it by prepar­ing for an Ironman.

You have the indi­vid­u­als push­ing through walls both phys­i­cal and men­tal with the help of com­plete strangers.

Peo­ple shav­ing off mas­sive amounts of time and achiev­ing their per­son­al best, includ­ing my cousin who shaved an entire hour off of his time and fin­ished 3 min­utes ear­li­er than his goal time.

There are entire fam­i­lies run­ning the event togeth­er cre­at­ing a group of ath­letes that span gen­er­a­tions includ­ing  a 77 year old com­peti­tor  enter­ing their THIRD Iron­man event of the year.

All of these sto­ries are awe inspir­ing and inspi­ra­tional in their own right but the one sto­ry that every­one at the event was con­nect­ed to and the one com­peti­tor we were all watch­ing was Rudy Gar­cia-Tol­son. Rudy has been pro­filed by and has an absolute­ly amaz­ing story.

As of this Sun­day Rudy Gar­cia Tol­son can offi­cial­ly call him­self and Ironman. 

We’d like to con­grat­u­late Rudy and all the com­peti­tors from Iron­man Arizona.


Just a lit­tle heads up about our brand event this week. Dakine is our part­ner and because of the hol­i­day we are expand­ing the event by a few days with it run­ning through Sunday.

Remem­ber the event starts at 9am PST on Wednes­day. So make sure you get in ear­ly. As always this is a mem­bers only event. If you don’t have a mem­ber­ship to the Clymb send us a Tweet on Twit­ter or you can e‑mail me direct­ly at kevin.p [@]