Sean Cohmer: Winner of $1,000 Clymb Credit

Sean-Cohmer-featuredCon­grats to mem­ber Sean Cohmer, who won $1,000 in Clymb cred­it for invit­ing 10 friends to join in July. Thanks for telling your friends about us Sean!

Here’s a lit­tle bit about our winner:

The Clymb: What’s on your buck­et list?

Sean Cohmer: I have had a pret­ty adven­tur­ous youth so far. In my 20s I spent much of my time in the Army run­ning, ruck­ing, and jump­ing from air­planes. When I received the email that I had won The Clymb’s con­test I was trav­el­ing in Europe for busi­ness. I would love to go back and spend a sum­mer back­pack­ing in Europe, also at some point I want to trav­el to Ireland.

The Clymb: It’s the zom­bie apoc­a­lypse. You get to choose one per­son to join your fight for sur­vival. Who do you bring and why?

a.) Moun­taineer

b.) Pad­dler

c.) Climber

d.) Yoga master

e.) Cyclist

Sean Cohmer: [Choos­es “Moun­taineer”] I like to say that the most impor­tant thing to remem­ber in a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse is to keep a buffer between you and the zom­bies, and always have an exit strat­e­gy. Moun­taineers seem to have a sen­si­bil­i­ty and resource­ful­ness about them that reminds me of the tra­di­tion­al renais­sance man. Not to men­tion, I have a few friends in the Phoenix area that do this for fun, and they also hap­pen to be peo­ple I have beers and share jokes with.

The Clymb: Who is the most impor­tant adven­tur­er of all time? 

Sean Cohmer: I have to give a shout out to my friend Amy Tei­t­el, a space flight his­to­ri­an, when I say: The most impor­tant adven­tur­er of all time is Neil Arm­strong. Though, Jeb Corliss comes in close sec­ond, I’m jeal­ous of all the fun he gets to have with wing suits.

The Clymb: What inspires you to get outside? 

Sean Cohmer: I guess my upbring­ing inspires me most. From camp­ing, to fish­ing, to get­ting out in the ocean, some­thing about nature just brings the dif­fi­cul­ties and stress­es of every­day life to a grind­ing halt.

The Clymb: How did you dis­cov­er The Clymb?

Sean Cohmer: My friend Mark Craft referred me to the web­site. The first day, I bought a pan­nier kit for my bicy­cle and he received a $25 kick­back. Any­way, usu­al­ly this pan­nier kit would cost $140+, but I found it for $35. When­ev­er I shop for out­door gear, I look on The Clymb first.

The Clymb: What’s your favorite thing about The Clymb?

Sean Cohmer: My favorite thing about The Clymb is that it pro­vides inex­pen­sive, yet high-qual­i­ty, out­door gear.

The Clymb: How are you gonna spend all that Clymb cash?

Sean Cohmer: I’ve been mak­ing excus­es about buy­ing camp­ing gear for some time. This cash takes away all excus­es. A close friend and I will be tak­ing some R&R time up to North­ern Ari­zona in the com­ing weeks.