180 South Tents – A Clymb Exclusive

I pitched the Juniper 2 in a juniper grove entire­ly by acci­dent. Myself, and a buy­er at The Clymb, Brett Cas­sidy, were camp­ing at the Deschutes Riv­er and we had the good for­tune to give these new 180 South tents that are exclu­sive to The Clymb a tri­al run.

front-Ponderosa_4_One_3-sourceThe world-famous salmonfly hatch was on, and a cur­so­ry glance at the river­bank grass revealed these thumb-sized bugs in abun­dance. I was anx­ious to wet my line, so I jumped out of the car, assem­bled my rod, and hit the riv­er push­ing the chores of set­ting up camp until later.

On the riv­er, I caught fish, lost fish, and had one behe­moth strike from beneath a log that I’ll nev­er for­get. When I walked back the trail toward camp the sun had set behind the canyon rim. It wasn’t ful­ly dark yet but I could see an LED lantern glow­ing from inside the Pon­derosa 4. Brett was inside chill­ing in a camp chair read­ing Blood Merid­i­an with his mas­sive Swiss Moun­tain Dog, Bazzers, look­ing out the mesh win­dow with his huge gar­goyle head.

Brett set up the Pon­derosa 4 by him­self. He didn’t have the rain fly cov­er­ing the tent since there were only stars and no clouds in the sky above. I grabbed a chair and sat in the tent and told Brett sto­ries of all the fish that I did and did not catch. Inside, the Pon­derosa felt like an out­door liv­ing room. A cool juniper-scent­ed breeze blew through the four over­sized mesh win­dows on the tent’s side­walls. The inte­ri­or was roomy, even with Brett and I sit­ting in camp chairs along­side the largest pup­py you’ve ever seen sprawled out on his dog bed. We cracked a beer and drank it before I head­ed out to set up the Juniper 2.

I searched about in the dark for a place to pitch the Juniper 2 and found a flat spot beside the riv­er in a juniper grove. The moon had risen over the canyon wall and I opt­ed to attempt a moon­lit set­up to avoid get­ting dive­bombed in the face by bugs if I turned on my head­lamp. The first thing that made the set­up easy was that the entire frame of the tent is essen­tial­ly one long con­nect­ed pole. So even though it was my first time, and it was in the dark, I had no prob­lem fig­ur­ing out how to set it up. The frame’s con­struc­tion is a sim­ple, effi­cient, no frills design that seems like will with­stand years of hard use.

Over­all, we were real­ly impressed with the 180 South tents. I’d high­ly rec­om­mend the Pon­derosa 4 as a base­camp tent and the Juniper 2 as a back­pack­ing tent. Each one was easy to set­up and had dimen­sions per­fect­ly suit­ed to their intend­ed use.