Black Diamond’s AvaLung Pack

Black Diamond Alias AvalungThe Alias AvaL­ung Pack from Black Dia­mond is a must have for ski moun­taineers. For long, tech­ni­cal ascents the reac­tive sus­pen­sion sys­tem allows the pack to move with your move­ments. So you’ll actu­al­ly feel the load less when you’re skin­ning up a ridge or jump turn­ing down a couloir because the weight will not cut into your shoul­ders or bump against your back.

The stream­lined design feels good, but the life-sav­ing AvaL­ung mouth­piece is designed to extend your access to fresh air in case an avalanche strikes. It deliv­ers fresh air from a valve box on your shoul­der and expels CO2 at the base of the pack. This inno­v­a­tive sys­tem has been shown to great­ly increase your fresh air sup­ply giv­ing res­cuers more time to find the avalanche victim.

It’s an afford­able, light­weight, and proven life-sav­ing tool. 

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