Brunton 8X22 Monocular: More Than Meets The Eye

Brunton MonocularScope your line down the moun­tain­side, spy the crux of a climb, or find where the trail cross­es the moun­tain pass with the 8X22 Monoc­u­lar from Brunton.

Weigh­ing a scant 2.9 ounces, there’s no rea­son to think twice about bring­ing it along. It’s rein­forced with mul­ti­ple coat­ings of rub­ber so it can take a beat­ing on all of your out­ings whether you car­ry it in the brain of your pack, your pock­et, or in your hand.

The eight-pow­er mag­ni­fi­ca­tion in this monoc­u­lar means that objects will appear eight times clos­er than they would with the unas­sist­ed eye. So you’ll be able to bring the out­doors clos­er with the 8X22 monoc­u­lar from Brunton. 

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