Garmont Shogun: Alpine Touring Anyone?

garmont-shogun-featuredAlpine tour­ing skiers are going to like the Gar­mont Shogun. Here’s a boot with com­fort, stiff­ness, and flex­i­bil­i­ty. The com­fort comes from the ther­mo-mold­able lin­er. It con­forms to your foot to ensure a per­fect fit. Then there’s the stiff­ness. The four buck­les and the pow­er strap allow you to ratch­et down when you’re about to drop into a tech­ni­cal chute, and the beefy exte­ri­or rein­forces the areas beg­ging for sup­port. But per­haps the great­est asset to alpine tour­ing skiers is the boot’s light­weight flex­i­bil­i­ty. It has strength where it’s need­ed and flex where it’s not. The result is that it gives your feet sweet relieve for long days of moun­tain assault. 

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