The Joovy Bicycoo

Joovy BicycooThe best way for kids to learn how to ride is by using bal­ance bikes. This ped­al-free bike from Joovy allows your kids to coast around using their feet and get­ting the feel of bal­anc­ing and turn­ing just like they’re on a real bike. But the Joovy Bicy­coo is not just a train­ing gim­mick. It won design awards at the largest trade show in Europe.

It’s sleek, strong, and light­weight. And the fea­ture that real­ly sep­a­rates the Bicy­coo from many oth­er bal­ance bikes on the mar­ket is the rub­ber air-filled tires. They pro­vide a smooth ride and can endure years of hard riding.

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