KNOG Strongman U‑Lock

Knog StrongmanThe KNOG Strong­man U‑Lock is no ordi­nary bike lock. With a secu­ri­ty rat­ing of 90 out of 100, it’s like hav­ing C. Dale Petersen (killed a griz­zly with his bare hands) stand guard next to your pre­cious steed 24/7. Built from 13mm invest­ment cast steel that’s wrapped in KNOG’s sig­na­ture rub­ber coat­ing, this lock can take a seri­ous beat­ing while still being kind to your paint job.

The lock­ing action is smooth and secure thanks to the high secu­ri­ty disk style lock bar­rel that’s designed to thwart a min­i­mum of 5,000 key com­bi­na­tions. And the Strong­man comes with three ultra-strong secu­ri­ty keys in case you ever mis­place one. If you rely on your bike day in and day out and park in less than secure areas of town, this U‑lock from KNOG will ensure you find your rig hap­pi­ly wait­ing your return no mat­ter where you leave it.