National Geographic Field Guide To Birds

national-geographic-birdsYou know a crow when you see one. You’ve got the adult bald eagle down, too. But did you know there are more than 900 oth­er birds in North Amer­i­ca? Let this field guide from Nation­al Geo­graph­ic be your source to learn­ing a few more of them. Take it into the field and stalk the majes­tic, jester-look­ing wood duck in its wet­land envi­rons. Bring it with you on a canoe trip down the Penob­scot Riv­er as you search for Great Blue Herons hunt­ing her­ring in the shal­lows. Or just study the 3,000+ illus­tra­tions at home and learn about the fas­ci­nat­ing migra­tions, plumage, and tax­o­nom­ic order of the hun­dreds of birds that call our con­ti­nent home, too. 

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