Outdoor Research Airpurge Dry Comp Sack

Outdoor Research Airpurge Compression Sack

This Out­door Research com­pres­sion sack solves the age-old prob­lem of keep­ing your down sleep­ing bag dry in a rain­storm. You can leave those garbage bags at home from now on because the Hydroseal coat­ed nylon on this stuff sack is extreme­ly water­proof and durable. The ful­ly taped seams and roll-top clo­sure seals the deal, enough so that it’s submersible.

The most impres­sive part is the air per­me­able water­proof fab­ric that purges air dur­ing com­pres­sion. An instruc­tion­al video with an OR Rep shows how this inno­v­a­tive fab­ric holds water back with­out a leak but allows air to pass through. It’s impres­sive tech­nol­o­gy that allows you to com­press your bag to fit into your pack and trek into the wild with­out fret­ting about the impend­ing rain in the forecast. 

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