Putting CycleTEK’s Revolutionary M1 Trainer To The Test

Here at Clymb Head­quar­ters we dream about the upcom­ing week­end, with visions of beers, bikes, and mud danc­ing in our brains. We are cyclocross rac­ers and while we may not be fast, we have fun and put a right­eous hurt on our bod­ies doing it. Recent­ly one of our brand part­ners, CycleTEK, donat­ed one of their Momen­tum 1 mag­net­ic train­ers to the team. Since most of us set­tle for a few laps around the near­est neigh­bor­hood or some sprints in the park­ing lot to warm up our legs we gra­cious­ly accepted.

Clymb col­league Brett Cas­sidy and I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to put the M1 to the test on a gor­geous fall day. Here’s what we thought:


Zach’s Review
Design: When our train­er arrived, the first thing I noticed was the heft. The pack­ag­ing kept every­thing intact and once I pulled it out of the box I real­ized what was mak­ing it so stout. The fly­wheel was huge, weigh­ing in at 7lbs., and had a real­ly gor­geous sheen, remind­ing me of the sleek and refined look of a jet fight­er. The ele­gant design was def­i­nite­ly wor­thy of being show­cased in the liv­ing room instead of the garage. I was excit­ed to give it a spin.

After a good day of racing.
After a good day of racing.

Dura­bil­i­ty: CycleTEK claims that the ther­mo­dy­nam­i­cal­ly neu­tral sil­i­cone that fills the resis­tance cham­ber offers unri­valed smooth­ness and will nev­er leak. If it does, they’ll back up that claim by offer­ing a life­time war­ran­ty against leak­age. We dragged this thing to and from our team tent and set it up mul­ti­ple times with­out any issues what­so­ev­er. And we all agreed that it was bombproof, per­fect for indoor train­ing ses­sions or life on the move.

Usabil­i­ty: Set-up was a breeze and the includ­ed instruc­tions pro­vid­ed clear and con­cise direc­tion for the few aspects of assem­bly that the train­er required. The two-stage fold­ing frame was sim­ple to oper­ate and the six points of floor con­tact kept the train­er super sta­ble. The ground we were set­ting up on was slight­ly uneven but was nev­er an issue since I could eas­i­ly get things lev­el with the adjustable foot­pad design.

The first thing I noticed while test­ing this train­er was how smooth it was. The resis­tance was there, but none of the drag was present that I’d expe­ri­enced with oth­er train­ers, prob­a­bly due to the large roller diam­e­ter. Hope­ful­ly that will also decrease the wear on my tires over time. I could also ham­mer out sprints with­out wor­ry and I was shocked at how real­is­tic the ride-qual­i­ty felt. Impressive.

Tak­ing the Momentum1 trainer for a spin.
Tak­ing the Momentum1 train­er for a spin.

Bret­t’s Review
Design: CycleTEK real­ly thought through the design details on this train­er.  The front wheel ris­er block, for exam­ple, has three height posi­tions. This seemed unnec­es­sary to me until I set it up on a slight­ly slop­ing grav­el park­ing lot at a cyclocross race. The high posi­tion on the ris­er block kept my bike lev­el even though the ground was sloped. Details like this make all the dif­fer­ence when you’re try­ing to get in a quick no-has­sle pre-race warmup.

Usabil­i­ty: I’ve used train­ers in cycling gyms that take me 20 min­utes to suc­cess­ful­ly pair to my bike.  Not the case with CycleTEK’s Momentum1 train­er. I was expect­ing to have to use the skew­er includ­ed with the train­er in order to set up my bike, but first I tried it with the skew­er that was already on my wheel and it worked.  Easy. I jumped on my bike to warm up and found that I didn’t have to adjust the resis­tance or tin­ker with any­thing once my legs were spin­ning. The ease of use trans­lat­ed to more time warm­ing up, and bet­ter race results. 

Dura­bil­i­ty: Hav­ing only used the Momentum1 train­er at one race, it’s hard to speak to its dura­bil­i­ty. The train­er does seem stur­dy and well built. A full cyclocross sea­son is hell on gear, and I’m con­fi­dent our team will be using this train­er for many sea­sons to come, assum­ing the resis­tance unit can with­stand con­stant set­up, tear down and transport.

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