Kershaw Camp Axe

Kershaw_Camp-Axe2The Ker­shaw Camp Axe is an indis­pens­able tool that puts the fun back in chop­ping. It sports a sin­gle-piece, drop-forged con­struc­tion and is extreme­ly durable. The beveled head effort­less­ly chops through wood whether you need kin­dling or medi­um sized pieces and the rub­ber­ized, tex­tured han­dle ensures a slip-free grip as well. Once you’re fin­ished stock­ing your site with fire­wood, turn the axe head around and ham­mer down your tent stakes with the flat­tened butt.

While not the ide­al tool for a light­weight back­pack­ing trip, this axe’s stay­ing pow­er real­ly shines when you tuck it away for use in your car camp­ing quiver. You’ll be sur­prised how pop­u­lar you become around the camp­ground once you whip this bad boy out.