SPY Discord: Back To The Future

spy-discordIn the 80s hair bands topped the charts, neon cloth­ing shocked the streets, and a Hol­ly­wood actor lived in the White House. It was a bold time in Amer­i­can life, a time when things got big, bright, and bois­ter­ous. The Spy Dis­cord not only pays the 80s homage, but they belong on the shelf at a Woolworths.

The burly plas­tic frames are like your favorite pair of gas sta­tion shades. Throw them in your week­end duf­fel with­out a case, no prob­lem. But these aren’t cheap, beat­er shades. They have a sophis­ti­cat­ed six-base PC polar­ized lens that cuts through glares, from the sun or from poindex­ters. The dark tint keeps your eyes in a UV-free shad­ow. So you can kiss squint­ing good­bye, and say hel­lo to that Mar­ty McFly cool of the future. 

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