Surftech Laird 10’ SUP

surftech-laird-featuredThis 10’ SUP from Surftech is designed to the ulti­mate big wave rid­er Laird Hamiliton’s exact spec­i­fi­ca­tions for surf­ing an SUP. The 10’ length and 4” thick­ness of this board is super buoy­ant and makes catch­ing waves easy. The board’s 4+1 fin sys­tem pro­vides supreme agili­ty for a board this size. You can spin it around after the drop in, like a much small­er board, and it’s even agile enough to throw kick­back turns on the wave face.

Sum­mer is the ide­al time for this board. When the low-pres­sure sys­tems aren’t kick­ing up mas­sive swell, you can pad­dle this board beyond the break and then catch slop­ing waves fur­ther out. 

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